Full Figured Fashion Week by Vice UK with Charlet Duboc

I was invited to a preview screening of Full Figured Fashion Week – part of a series Fashion Week Internationale by Vice Magazine. I knew it was going to be interesting because it was by Vice. The series focuses on the other fashion weeks around the world. London, New York, Paris and Milan are known as the fashion capitals of the world but fashion happens everywhere and that’s what this series is exploring.

The host of the film is the disarming (and model thin) Charlet Duboc, who refers to herself in the film as an empty figured person. After seeing this short film I felt empowered and tearful. I know everyone has the right to feel beautiful regardless of size and colour but self-esteem is a delicate thing and if you’re a big woman and can’t find a beautiful dress that fits you, it’s like being told you’re not good enough or beautiful enough to wear a dress. The film is strictly a documentary – it’s more like an account of the personal journey of Charlet, who said Full Figured Fashion Week’s after party on the cruise was “the best fashion party I’d ever been to.”

Vice is planning to continue the series – watch out for upcoming episodes on Colombia (which I also got a preview of – just see if you can watch it all the way through without looking away!), and we got a sneak peak at the upcoming episode on Las Vegas, which as expected looks like it will be pretty outrageous!

The first of the series is Islamabad Fashion Week, which is on Vice’s website and is mesmerizing – the most memorable part to me is where Charlet’s host explains in a matter-of-fact tone not to worry about getting kidnapped because in their culture women aren’t as valuable so it’s only men who get kidnapped. Cold comfort…


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