Superdoll – Social Monstrosities

When I was a little girl I loved dolls and I had many tea parties with my dolls and teddy bears so I was quite looking forward to the Scarlet Ribbon Affair event and I had no idea of what to expect as the world of couture dolls is a private and elite one. The guests were a mix of press and doll collectors and It was a rare opportunity to photograph the Sybarites (the dolls are called Syarties) as their first exhibition was to an elite group of 30 people, since then they’ve shown in Paris, Tokyo and Moscow but not permitted photographs. The couture collection of Sybarites, titled Social Monstrosities took place in East London not far from where the designers, Charles Fegen and Desmond Lingard, have their studio.

Charles Fegen and Desmond Lingard are both trained in fashion and worked with high fashion and couture brands before starting their own company, Superdoll Collectibles. The Sybarites are 17" tall, matte white and made of resin with 19 points of articulation so that they can be moved into very specific positions. The one-of-a-kind Sybarites are handmade in the Superfrock studio in London, and can take up to 200 hours to make. Sybarites have been purchased for up to $20,000 to $40,000 USD.

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