Vice UK’s Office

Vice UK‘s office is in East London and it’s quite impressive. It’s a large open plan space with several editing offices and it’s own screening room. I was invited to attend a private screening about Fashion Week Internationale (which I’ll do a separate post on, it was that great!). Vice is one of those that I’m always on the lookout for and when I find a copy of it, I read it cover to cover. Vice has 34 offices world wide and over 60 full time employees in this office, plus lots of freelancers and .

One of things that’s very cool at Vice magazine is, if you’re an intern and you have an idea you’re encouraged to write a treatment and present your idea. Vice intern, Charlet Duboc came up with idea of do a series of films exploring the other fashion weeks around the world and created the series Fashion Week Internationale, and so far she’s covered Islamabad Fashion week, New York’s Full Figured Fashion Week and Columbia Fashion Week.






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