Donna Ida – Birthday Celebrations and The Industry

, the Queen of Denim has just celebrated her 5th birthday (her shop’s 5th birthday!

It literally feels like yesterday that I opened our first boutique in Chelsea – so much has happened in five years and we’ve achieved a lot!  I often look back and remember when it was just me with my laptop and an idea sitting in my flat.  I wish I could fast-forward to five year’s time from now and take a peek into the future, it’ll be interesting to see where we are at the ten year mark.  The secret is to love what you do and be passionate.  I love denim, I always have and I always will.  There’s nothing else that’s as cool, fashionable and easy to wear.  As the famous quote goes, find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life!’

It’s quite impressive that in only 5 years Donna Ida has opened 4 shops and sells online. Donna Ida will be interviewed by Dolly Jones of at London on October 26. For more information visit The Industry London.

Photo by Jackie Dixon.

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  1. coolshowroom
    October 12, 2011 at 7:07

    Lovely t-shirt!. It´s sooo cute.
    (take a look if you like jewels and fashion accessories)

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