The Subways at Koko


have been on tour for several weeks and they played in London at Koko. I saw them play there several years ago when I first met them. It’s such an iconic venue and tonight was an iconic performance, every song is like an anthem and the fans go wild! I hadn’t seen Charlotte, Billy or Josh since our shoot about a month ago as they’ve been touring the UK so it was good to have a quick catch up before their performance!

We were watching from the Royal Box above the first balcony, and got a great chance to video Billy Lunn doing a stage dive right off the balcony! Watching the mosh pit from above was a great experience and total highlight of the evening. It was amazing how all the fans were jumping around in a random yet organized way like some seething organism and they were crowd surfing and roughing each other up (almost getting into fights!) while also singing every lyric to every song! True fans!

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