London Fashion Weekend & ShopStyle


My team and I had a great time at ShopStyle at London Fashion Weekend. It was great to meet so many people who just loved fashion. After styling 3 shows at London Fashion Week it’s great to meet the customer – the end user! It’s really important not to forget who fashion is really for! It was truly a weekend of best friends and I met so girls who come to London Fashion Weekend each season for a girly day out.

We had so many students  come by the stand who were interested in studying fashion.We even had a girl who was about age 11 who’d made her own dress and who hopes to become a fashion designer.  I was really surprized how many young girls want to work in the fashion industry and of course I understand why. The day was not only about giving out styling tips, but advice about what a fashion stylist does, where to study, what short courses to take, how to get an internship and understanding the different jobs that exist in the fashion industry.



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