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London Fashion Weekend & ShopStyle

20110925 045853 London Fashion Weekend & ShopStyle

My team and I had a great time at ShopStyle at London Fashion Weekend. It was great to meet so many people who just loved fashion. After styling 3 shows at London Fashion Week it’s great to meet the customer – the end user! It’s really important not to forget who fashion is really for! It was truly a weekend of best friends and I met so girls who come to London Fashion Weekend each season for a girly day out.

We had so many students  come by the stand who were interested in studying fashion.We even had a girl who was about age 11 who’d made her own dress and who hopes to become a fashion designer.  I was really surprized how many young girls want to work in the fashion industry and of course I understand why. The day was not only about giving out styling tips, but advice about what a fashion stylist does, where to study, what short courses to take, how to get an internship and understanding the different jobs that exist in the fashion industry.

20110925 044527 London Fashion Weekend & ShopStyle20110925 044511 London Fashion Weekend & ShopStyle

20110925 044449 London Fashion Weekend & ShopStyle

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