Tube Surfing – testing my new Dr. Martens


I’ve been tube surfing in my new Dr. Martens. If it’s not too busy in the tube I can’t resist the opportunity to test my balancing skills to pass the time.

I’ve been searching for a new pair of flats for a while now, and I’m really happy with my Dr Martens Brook Shoes, which I found at Poste Mistress on Monmouth Street. It often takes me a while to finds shoes for myself because any pair of shoes that becomes a favorite pair to wear is in for a world of hurt. They will in a few months walk to every part of London and travel and be subjected to all kinds of weather. I’ll stand in them all day and carry heavy bags and they always have to look good, because quite often on shoots or visits as soon as someone knows I’m a stylist they look at my shoes with extra scrutiny. These passed this test when I had lunch with another stylist, definitely one of the top stylists in the world, and he glanced down at my feet and then looked again and asked "…are those Dr Martens?!", surprised that I’d be wearing Dr Martens and surprised that they’re so cute!

They’re starting to form to my feet and become more and more comfortable – currently my best tube surfing shoes!


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