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Girl Crush – Sophia Loren

Posted by Rebekah Roy on August 6th, 2011

I love watching black and white movies and I’m obsessed with Hollywood screen sirens. There is just something so beautiful and mysterious about those silver screen actresses. I always loved Sophia Loren; I love that she was so in charge of her sexuality and so chic, you just don’t see too many Hollywood actresses like this any more.

SophieLauren7 Girl Crush   Sophia LorenSophieLauren8 Girl Crush   Sophia Loren

SophieLauren1i Girl Crush   Sophia LorenSophieLauren2 Girl Crush   Sophia Loren

SophieLauren3 Girl Crush   Sophia LorenSophieLauren4 Girl Crush   Sophia Loren

SophieLauren5 Girl Crush   Sophia LorenSophieLauren6 Girl Crush   Sophia Loren

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  • 1 Jorge Pagliarini // Aug 22, 2011 at 5:05 Yesus.!. What a what..!..!..