The Industry – Interviewing Kate Nash

As ’s stylist I got to interview her for The Industry‘s first quarterly event at  Crystallized Lounge. Kate gives great interviews as she is very articulate and passionate about everything she does. One of the topics that was discussed was the lack of women in the music industry and how Kate is trying to change that. Kate’s started Rock ‘n’ Roll for Girls After School Music Club, which encourages young girls to write music and play instruments. She also teaches the girls that there are many types of beauty, and a lot of the questions were about how modern female pop stars are supposed to look according to the record labels.

It’s quite fun to interview someone that you know but it’s also challenging. You want to to let the audience know how amazing the person is. I tried to ask questions that I thought would interest the audience but I also asked Kate questions about things that I wanted people to know about her. When we think about musicans we usually just think about their music – which is obvious and normal but Kate always has quite a few different projects that she’s working on, including starting her own record label and acting in films recently!

The video of the interview will be posted exclusively next week to Harper’s Bazaar.

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