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Location Scouting

Posted by Rebekah Roy on July 31st, 2011

20110731 091904 Location Scouting

I love scouting for locations. It’s important to find the right set up for your shoot: it can make all the difference! You have to remember that one day you can have a beautiful sky but that can all change on your shoot day. I love these red apples but will they be there in two weeks? It’s also good to have a backup plan in case of rain!

It’s also important to remember that you need a place to set everything up and electricity for hair!

20110731 091918 Location Scouting

20110731 091944 Location Scouting

20110731 092014 Location Scouting

20110731 092023 Location Scouting

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Hackney WickED

Posted by Rebekah Roy on July 30th, 2011

20110730 085938 Hackney WickED

I’m often visiting Hackney Wick as I work with several designers and photographers whose studios are based there. The streets are usually empty and it often feels quite deserted. Today the area was vibrant and full of life. People were spilling out of galleries, and music was everywhere – today was Hackney WickED! This is the fourth year of this open day art  festival. There’s also live music, food and of course art! It’s really nice to just be able to wander around and see the artists work in their studios. There’s also a suicidal rabbit and a Council Estate’s Princess and the Pea, created by artist Emma Critch!

20110730 093032 Hackney WickED

20110730 085955 Hackney WickED

20110730 090014 Hackney WickED

20110730 090024 Hackney WickED

20110730 090037 Hackney WickED

20110730 090047 Hackney WickED

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Visiting Georgia Hardinge

Posted by Rebekah Roy on July 29th, 2011

20110729 093739 Visiting Georgia Hardinge

Today I went to visit fashion designer Georgia Hardinge in her new studio. I was quite exciting to see the prints for her new collection. It was Friday afternoon and they were having cake and champagne to celebrate a little leaving party for one of Georgia’s staff.

20110729 093756 Visiting Georgia Hardinge

These images are from her AW11 collection. Can’t wait to see her show at London Fashion Week!

.georgia hardinge aw11 05 650px Visiting Georgia Hardingegeorgia hardinge aw11 09 650px Visiting Georgia Hardingegeorgia hardinge aw11 08 650px Visiting Georgia Hardingegeorgia hardinge aw11 04 650px Visiting Georgia Hardinge

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Play Time

Posted by Rebekah Roy on July 28th, 2011

Park swing(1) Play Time

Park swing2 Play Time

I loved swings when I was little and I’m still partial to the occasional ride at a festival so I was quite delighted to find this swing in Allen Gardens.









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The Industry – Interviewing Kate Nash

Posted by Rebekah Roy on July 27th, 2011

KateNash TheIndustryLondon RebekahRoy The Industry   Interviewing Kate Nash

As Kate Nash’s stylist I got to interview her for The Industry‘s first quarterly event at Swarovski Crystallized Lounge. Kate gives great interviews as she is very articulate and passionate about everything she does. One of the topics that was discussed was the lack of women in the music industry and how Kate is trying to change that. Kate’s started Rock ‘n’ Roll for Girls After School Music Club, which encourages young girls to write music and play instruments. She also teaches the girls that there are many types of beauty, and a lot of the questions were about how modern female pop stars are supposed to look according to the record labels.

It’s quite fun to interview someone that you know but it’s also challenging. You want to to let the audience know how amazing the person is. I tried to ask questions that I thought would interest the audience but I also asked Kate questions about things that I wanted people to know about her. When we think about musicans we usually just think about their music – which is obvious and normal but Kate always has quite a few different projects that she’s working on, including starting her own record label and acting in films recently!

The video of the interview will be posted exclusively next week to Harper’s Bazaar.

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Corrie Nielson

Posted by Rebekah Roy on July 26th, 2011

20110726 103213 Corrie Nielson

I went to visit Corrie Nielson at her studio at Somerset House and had a sneaky peak at her new SS12 collection. Of course I can’t show you any of the new pieces, you’ll just have to wait until London Fashion Week. Corrie won Fashion Fringe in 2010.

20110726 103143 Corrie Nielson

I love that Corrie’s pieces have a sense of drama. They make you want to dress up. We were chatting about how people still dress up for the opera and how nice that is: dressing up just makes everyday feel more special!
20110726 103153 Corrie Nielson

20110726 103226 Corrie Nielson

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Kirsty Ward

Posted by Rebekah Roy on July 25th, 2011

20110725 075639 Kirsty Ward

Today I went to visit designer Kirsty Ward. Kirsty is such a fun girl and I love her bold accessories. She’s been quite busy working on her new collection, which she’ll be exhibiting during London Fashion Week at Somerset House. She’s also working on production – all the accessories are made by hand!

20110725 075648 Kirsty Ward

I used one of Kirsty’s pieces in this shoot for Phoenix Magazine with Yasmin.

phoenix4 yasmin 01 Kirsty Ward

Kirsty has also been short listed for The Global Fashion Awards!

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Kate Nash – Rock ‘n’ Roll for Girls After School Music Club

Posted by Rebekah Roy on July 24th, 2011

Kate Nash has been quite busy this year working on a variety of projects, including her Rock ‘n’ Roll for Girls After School Music Club! Kate has been visiting schools around the country encouraging young girls to write their own music and to play instruments.

…and this week I’m going to be interviewing Kate for The Industry (a members club with some of the top people in the fashion industry).The interview will be filmed by Pulse Films so I’ll post a link to the video once it’s up!


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Fashion Dog – Patricia

Posted by Rebekah Roy on July 23rd, 2011

20110724 112540 Fashion Dog   Patricia

This pink dog is called Patricia de Paula – she belongs to fashion designer Hermione de Paula. It’s hard to take a picture of Patricia as she was so excited to show off her maid outfit that she couldn’t sit still!

20110724 112619 Fashion Dog   Patricia

20110724 113629 Fashion Dog   Patricia


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Fruit – a Gourd

Posted by Rebekah Roy on July 22nd, 2011

20110716 093803 Fruit   a Gourd

It’s great when you see something new! This is a Gourd it’s part of the melon family.

20110716 093813 Fruit   a Gourd

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Elite Model London – Fashion Show

Posted by Rebekah Roy on July 21st, 2011

20110721 110202 Elite Model London   Fashion Show

This evening was the Elite Model Look – London Fashion Show. It was quite a fun show to style as all the models are very new – it’s their first fashion show. They’ve all been recently scout at music festivals all over the UK and Ireland.
20110721 103410 Elite Model London   Fashion Show

20110721 103428 Elite Model London   Fashion Show

Models backstage!

20110721 105839 Elite Model London   Fashion Show

The very cool Adam Burrell was our head makeup artist and of course we had Toni & Guy doing the hair!

20110721 103441 Elite Model London   Fashion Show

Three red heads! Me with the production team from The Doll!

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Customizing T-shirts

Posted by Rebekah Roy on July 19th, 2011

20110720 103538 Customizing T shirts

I’ve been customizing t-shirts for a shoot. We’ve been using lots of crystals, chains and pearls! It’s quite amazing how embelishment can completely change a look.

20110720 103617 Customizing T shirts

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Visiting designer Jasper Garvida

Posted by Rebekah Roy on July 18th, 2011

20110719 124320 Visiting designer Jasper Garvida

I went to visit designer Jasper Garvida as I was choosing a selection of dresses for the Elite Model London fashion show. I had a sneaky peak at his SS12 collection, which he’ll be showing during London Fashion Week.

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Blondie At Lovebox

Posted by Rebekah Roy on July 17th, 2011

Deborah Harry says “Experience counts!”

20110717 095403 Blondie At Lovebox

20110717 095525 Blondie At Lovebox

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Lovebox Beth Ditto

Posted by Rebekah Roy on July 17th, 2011

You can’t help but totally love Beth Ditto!

20110717 052940 Lovebox Beth Ditto

20110717 053452 Lovebox Beth Ditto

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Fabric Shops on Brick Lane

Posted by Rebekah Roy on July 16th, 2011

20110716 082417 Fabric Shops on Brick Lane
There are quite a few fabric shops along Brick Lane. This shop had a small front entrance and the shop was very narrow but it was such an unusually long shop that by the time you got to the back you couldn’t hear Brick Lane anymore – it was like being lost in a fabric forest.

20110716 082426 Fabric Shops on Brick Lane

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Tea with Bora Aksu

Posted by Rebekah Roy on July 15th, 2011

20110715 085350 Tea with Bora Aksu

I really enjoy visiting designers in their studio and chatting about their collections. I’ve been a big fan of Bora Aksu for many years. I went to visit him today to choose a selection of garments that I’m going to use for the Elite Model London fashion show.
20110715 085408 Tea with Bora Aksu
I love how Bora uses different textures, fabric weights, knit and embellishment. It always come together so beautifully.
20110715 085418 Tea with Bora Aksubora aksu aw11 26 650px Tea with Bora Aksubora aksu aw11 08 650px Tea with Bora Aksu

For several seasons Bora has used tights in his show. This autumn we should be able to purchase them as they will be launching a transactional website. They are also introducing a pre-collection for autumn/winter 2012.

lmlm 04 Tea with Bora Aksu

I styled this shot a few years ago using one of Bora’s dresses!

moz screenshot 6 Tea with Bora Aksu

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Top Hat

Posted by Rebekah Roy on July 14th, 2011

20110715 010750 Top Hat


I love this top hat by milliner Victoria Grant.

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Fashion Dog – Fred

Posted by Rebekah Roy on July 13th, 2011

20110712 082018 Fashion Dog   Fred

20110712 082026 Fashion Dog   Fred
I met Fred at a photoshoot. He’s very sweet but a bit shy.

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Model Height

Posted by Rebekah Roy on July 12th, 2011

20110712 072621 Model Height

I was at Elite Models in London today for a meeting and saw this very cool height chart – I never thought a model agency would have a custom branded height chart! I’m styling a show for the Elite Model Look 2011, which features a selection of Elite’s newest models. It should be quite exciting for all the new models as it will be their very first fashion show. The contest was started in 1983…

…and to enter you have to be 172 cm or 5 feet 6.4304 inches!

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