Happy 125 years of Coca-Cola

I didn’t grow up drinking any kind of pop and I don’t recall when I finally did – it must have a been at a birthday party. However, I was very happy when Coca-Cola introduced diet vanilla and cherry coke. I’ve always been partial to Coca-Cola commercials – they are so happy and sometimes I just want to live in one of their commercials.

The appeal to me might not be so much the actual drink but the marketing – the lifestyle of the brand. For some reason if you’re out for dinner and you order a coke and the waiter brings you a glass bottle it just seems nice, more special. The taste or what’s on the inside is important but packaging really does count.

To celebrate 125 years of Coca-Cola Assouline has released a new book and an iPad app. You can even upload your own photo and be in one of their retro posters.


There are 1.6 billion servings of Coca-Cola sold every day

Regular Coca-Cola is still a bigger seller than Diet Coke and Coke Zero combined

The world of Coca-Cola is such a happy place!

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