Love Cindy Blackman – the drummer. She’s so cool. She got her first professional drum kit when she was 14 and in 1993 she auditioned for Lenny Kravitz over the phone and has been working with him ever since. She’s also married to Carlos Santana. She’s recorded 9 albums with her own bands andContinue reading

Keely Hunter is a London based hat designer presently making wooden hats! I love the idea of a wooden hat and had a chat with Keely about her inspirations. What inspired your collection? ‘NEW BUILD’ for me was all about contributing to design in a directional sense, hence I have produced a series of piecesContinue reading

I’ve always been a fan of No Doubt so I’m looking forward to their next album, Rock Steady. it should be out in the next few months! Their first album ‘No Doubt’ came out in 1992 and they haven’t released an album since 2001 but have been working on this one since 2008 with aContinue reading

As a fashion stylist luggage is a big part of my life and labeling my luggage is important – so it’s great to have fashionable luggage tags! I got this DVF vintage zebra swirl print luggage tag in the goody bag from the WGSN Global Fashion Awards.    

I recently received a lovely press pack for the HBO series Mildred Pierce. I received a vintage hat and a DVD with the first episode of Mildred Pierce, which will air on Sky Atlantic HD on Saturday at 9pm. If you’ve read the book or watched the 1945 film with Joan Crawford you’re going toContinue reading

The Polaroid camera is still popular and well it’s just so much fun. It’s so instant! I have a digital camera that I love, but somehow the immediacy of a Polaroid in this digital age is unbeatable! This is one of the stalls at Spitalfields Market. Most of the cameras sell for about £20.

I was quite excited as I got to style a video for Nero‘s ‘Promises,’ their fouth single, which will be released July 23rd. it’s such a good song and my team and I couldn’t stop dancing around. Nero is electronic music artists Dan Stephens and Joe Ray, with Alana Watson on vocals. They’re known forContinue reading

I never really thought of 70s bodybuilders as having a style – but they have such a strong 70s style, and with as little gym clothing as possible! In a way your body is your most important accessory, and if we took a small part of the time we spend shopping and used it forContinue reading

This is the second year of trend-forecasting giant WGSN’s Global Fashion Awards. It’s been a big success and has had nominees from all over the world. E-map (owner of WGSN) gives out many fashion awards and the Global Fashion Awards has become their most popular event. The short list was announced at a party atContinue reading

I am obsessed with skin care. I’m usually carrying bags and touching fabrics so my hands are always in very rough condition. I recently received a jar of HealGel and it’s seemed to work very well. it’s been quite calming and soothing on my skin.        

My lovely backstage team at Ascot!

With all this rain you might want to visit the Burberry Brit store in Covent Gardens. it’s quite a beautiful shop and the staff is very polite. Of course if you’re in need of a rain coat or umbrella they’ll always have lots to choose from.  

I’ve always liked a good hat but after spending a week styling backstage at Royal Ascot and working with Stephen Jones’ hats I’ve developed a new addiction and a better understanding of what makes a great hat. We put a lot of effort into choosing a dress but often you forget to put the sameContinue reading

One of the most exciting and important parts of Ascot is the racing and it’s quite amazing. I didn’t know that I’d find it so impressive and exciting. The sound of the horses as they are on the race course is louder then you think and when they pass by it’s so quick – IContinue reading

Today was the first day of Royal Ascot, which is celebrating its 300th anniversary and we did our first¬† fashion show in¬†Bessborough Restaurant. The designers are Amanda Wakeley, Julien McDonald, Todd Lynn, Vivienne Westwood and Steven Jones. It’s quite an amazing event to style and we had a great backstage team. The Bessborough¬†restaurant is beautifulContinue reading

After a day of dress rehearsals, filming, and photoshoots we’re already for the Royal Ascot Fashion Show!

Top hats are always so elegant. A good top hat is made from silk and you use a velvet mini pillow to brush the silk to give it a beautiful shine. These hats are from Patey Hats. Patey Hats is part of the Firmin & Sons group, who made Prince William’s uniform for his wedding.Continue reading