Love Austra‘s video The Beat & The Pulse. They are are Canadian band: Katie Stelmanis, drummer Maya Postepski  and bassist Dorian Wolf. Love Katie’s voice – she studied opera when she was 10 and plays viola and piano! How cool is she!

I’ve known Fashion Editor Rivkie Baum for a few years and was quite excited to hear that she recently launched her own plus size magazine, SLiNK. It’s an online monthly about fashion and lifestyle aimed at women size 14+.  I was able to have a quick chat with Rivkie about SLiNK magazine. What inspired youContinue reading

The average British woman is a size 16-18. I’ve styled plus size shoots where the model is a size 12-14 (most designer samples are a size 8).We are starting to see quite a few changes since All Walks Beyond the Catwalk did it’s first catwalk show for Spring Summer 2010. This weekend there was anContinue reading

Love this commercial!

In London there are so many quirky things. Streets where the numbers go up one way on one side of the street and then they continue down on the opposite side. Buildings or homes with no numbers often have just names which makes finding them a bit more difficult but it seems so much moreContinue reading

I love the illustration for this sign!

Listening to Lady Gaga’s Goverment Hooker while on the treadmill got me thinking about Diamanda Galás. Diamanda Galás is a very amazing, very influential singer with a distinctive operatic voice and she has a range of three and a half octaves. It can be very unreal listening to her. She was born in 1955, she’sContinue reading

I’ve never travelled anywhere in a camper van but everytime i see one I have the desire to go on a road trip.

Graduate Fashion Week is coming up and I’m quite excited about seeing the students’ collections. I was part of the Industry Panel with John Walford, Tonia Bastyan and Kate Clark to choose the graduates at Bath Spa Fashion for the catwalk selection. We used the Assembly Rooms for the presentations. The presentation can be quiteContinue reading

Yes, really it’s a flame throwing tuba! I saw this musican playing on Brick Lane today and it was great fun to watch. The flame appeared to the beat and the crowd cheered!

I went to the Albion cafe on Boundary Street for breakfast. For some reason whenever I have the opportunity to order an individual pot of coffee I can’t resist and I have to order it. Even if I don’t really want coffee, I just want the experience of an individual pot of coffee. This potContinue reading

This is Bob, the stafford bull terrier. He’s 9 or 12 years old, no one knows for sure as he’s a rescue dog. He now wear a Louis Vuitton collar and lives a wonderful life at Varg Pr.

I’m quite fond of umbrellas and I’m enjoying this umbrella from Squid London. It changes colour in the rain and for some reason this is quite delightful – the more it rains the brighter the colours! My umbrella depicts the London skyline. Me, waiting for more rain.

I’m a fan of Princess Beatrice’s Philip Treacy royal wedding hat. I know lots of people don’t like it and there’s even a Facebook page about it, but I like the hat. The hat is presently being auctioned on eBay for UNICEF UK and Children in crisis. There is still about 4 days, 18 hoursContinue reading

I never seem to have enough tote bags. I have a good size handbag but by the end of the day I seem to accumulate quite a few bits and pieces and I always need a tote to carry everything.  I love these ethical totes from  She Died Of Beauty by Erin O’Connor and KateContinue reading

Cake is always a bit exciting. I’m a bit bored of the cupcake, the cupcake is what it is. It always looks nice and tastes ok. I expect more from cake (or petit fours). The difficulty I have with cake is that it often looks more beautiful than it tastes. This is the Angelica GateauContinue reading

It’s hard to resist a beautiful print dress. A good print can be quite clever and really flatter ones shape.

I’m not a summer girl, I’m more comfortable in the autumn but I do feel the need to embrace a bit of colour. I’m loving the ‘High Contrast’ manicure by Teresa Smith at Nails at Work. They are a combination of thinly applied Gel polishes which are very glossy and chip-free – perfect for work.Continue reading

I have a weakness for green shoes (and handbags) and I like ice cream. So I quite like a shoes that remind me of ice cream, These shoe ar £65 at Schuh.