Kate Middleton did her own Makeup

If you think about it, in a way, Catherine really didn’t have as much stress as a lot of other brides do (except for the fact that 2 billion eyes around the world would be watching!) I know it may sound silly but she didn’t need to worry about booking the church or what venue she was going to hold her reception! She had her pick of dress designers to choose from and even a top celebrity hair stylist available to make sure she her hair was perfect. And with all those camera’s shooting the big day, no need for her to book a wedding videographer either. So I guess I can understand why she had the extra time to take professional lessons from a makeup artist to do her own make up on the day.She wanted to do her own makeup because she wanted William to recognise her.

When makeup is professionally applied well it can still look natural. One of the advantages of a professional doing it would be more about lastibility, longevity for the day and that it will look good on HD. Still, a very unusual choice for a high profile figure as most celebrities these days call in a glam squad just to go out for dinner! But none the less, she looked radiant and most of all happy.

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