If you think about it, in a way, Catherine really didn’t have as much stress as a lot of other brides do (except for the fact that 2 billion eyes around the world would be watching!) I know it may sound silly but she didn’t need to worry about booking the church or what venueContinue reading

The best way to celebrate any wedding is with friends but celebrating with friends who share your delight in fashion is just that much more exciting. Oh what a day! We suddenly gasped and screamed ‘that’s Sarah in the car – it’s McQueen!’ Battenburg cake and gin in tea cups! We all gave Catherine aContinue reading

On my daily travels I usually come across lost items.

I was invited to Freeview HD’s Countdown to the Royal Wedding. It was a delicious event with lots of dishes that you could imagine at a Royal Wedding from goat cheese galettes, yorkshire pudding, poached salmon with cucumber and fennel to a traditional trifle! Jenny Bond is a former BBC Royal Correspondent, broadcast journalist, presenterContinue reading

I have always been a huge fan of gingham, it doesn’t matter if it’s a picnic blanket or a playsuit it’s just one of those summer prints that makes me happy. Love these D&G sunglasses!

I saw two adorable Bunnies in Shoreditch! One is a Lionhead, and the other is a Lop!

Love these teapots by Tony Carter. I saw this one at Selfridges but you can also by them online at Carter Tea Pots Not sure I’d want a cup of tea from a ‘toilet teapot’…

  Joseph Nigoghossian’s film First Kiss is a short film of 100 frames and each frame is printed on a silk t-shirt. The print is an elusive story of a couple’s first kiss and there are only 100 t-shirts available! . The t-shirts are available at the cool destination shop Primitive London. It’s a tinyContinue reading

I love tomatoes so I was a bit sad knowing that this one was facing it’s death, but then I took a closer look at the wheel and it said ‘EAT’ and I knew it was fate so I left it there.

classid=”clsid:38481807-CA0E-42D2-BF39-B33AF135CC4D” id=ieooui> This is a great Boutique Sale near Brick Lane until April 25th. I was lucky enough to pass by when it just opened and I got some great deals. You’ll find lots of London Fashion Week labels and some great prices: Henry Holland t-shirts for £10, Hermione De Paula leggings for £20. TheyContinue reading

Met these two dogs near Marylebone High Street – they were so statuesque and seemed so wise and thoughtful. It’s amazing what you can see in a pet’s face.

I’ve discovered a new little gem in the anti-ageing product market. This stem cell wonder cream called DermaQuest Stem Cell 3D Complex may have a complicated name but what it does is quite simple. It’s an antioxidant cream that helps restore skin back to it’s original youthful tone and texture. I’ve been trying it outContinue reading

I love these paper shirts in the Oxfam Marylebone High Street windows.

This is my freind’s kitten called Sushi – she’s very relaxed.

I met milliner Mich Dulce a few years ago. She was quite cute and wearing a little hat so I just had to say hello. She later dropped off a box of hats for me and I’ve been a fan of hers ever since! I had a chance to interview her recently: What is yourContinue reading

Scoop is a delicious Italian gelateria in Soho. They offer a variety of flavours including cinnamon, fior di Latte, chocolate, bacio and tiramisu – it’s so yummy! It’s also quite light as the fruit sorbets are almost fat free and the gelatos are only 8% fat!  Scoop is at 53 Brewer Street, London W1F 9UY.

Some studios have lots of cool props. We all fell in love with this chair and wanted to be shot on it!

It’s normal to work on a shoot months before it comes out in print so it’s always nice to see it when it does. I really enjoyed styling this menswear shoot for Vision Magazine, shot by photographer Patrick Lindbloom. No matter how great the clothes or the lighting is, it always comes down to theContinue reading