Dolly Jones of Interviews Markus Lupfer

Dolly Jones of .com recently interviewed Markus Lupfer, celebrating FBC’s 5th anniversary. It was a very insightful interview, and a must-see for any new designer. You can see the highlights at Markus shared many great pieces of advice but the one that really registered with me was about fashion being like a cupboard: ‘It’s a big cupboard and a designer must find their drawer‘. It needs to be clear to the consumer what you do, what kind of label you are. You can not be all things to all people. Many young designers get very confused about this and sometimes their collection loses focus as they are trying to take in every piece of advice and execute it. Then their collection ends up looking a bit mish-mashed and often loses what was special about it in the first place, so clarity of a brand is important. When we think of Markus Lupfer, we think of sequince, a bit of sparkle – it’s playful and so easy to wear!

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