You never know where you’re going to find inspiration. I saw these tree roots and just loved how tangled and alive they look.

I got to go to Wales for a shoot this weekend. It wasn’t an easy trip – changing trains and platforms while carrying a rail and several cases but it was worth it. I’m a city girl through and through but I do love the countryside for a day. Of course we got to stayContinue reading

I have always been fascinated by the history of quilting so I was quite excited when Jeff Garner of Prophetik told me there was going to be quilting in his AW 11 collection. When I learned that he was going to cut up his grandmother Lola’s 100 year old quilts I think my heart stoppedContinue reading

This season I was able to see quite a few shows at the Old Sorting Office by My Beautiful City. I really enjoyed Henry Holland’s show, it was so fun and upbeat, and you felt like you could wear so many pieces in the collection. Love the red lips with a hint of pink!

I’ve worked with Alice Palmer for a few seasons and she’s one of my favourite people. Knitwear designers are a breed of their own. Alice often tells me that knitwear designers have their heads in the clouds and that they work at their own pace. Alice is visionary as she’s constantly working on new techniquesContinue reading

A delightful playful tea party was hosted by Markus Lufper at the Sanderson. Delicious cakes that say ‘Eat Me‘, sweet caramel lemon potions, scones and clotted cream!  You really you just wanted to go on a journey somewhere, cozy in knitwear or seductive in lace, wearing spotted tights and laugh with your friends! It wasContinue reading

I recently met with with model Victoria Keon-Cohen to learn a little bit more about the Model’s Union. Can you give me a little background on your own career I started modeling when I was 15 yrs old – this is my 10th year. My major clients include: Dior, Chanel, Versace. Levis. Vogue Pelle, photographerContinue reading

This London Fashion Week we were partying at the Pop-Up Gallery at Franny’s in Soho to celebrate Piers Atkinson‘s AW 11 Millinery collection! Naturally there were lots of hat wearers in attendance and of course the amazing Fred Butler was there (on the right)!  

Backstage at Prophetik was so wonderful. It’s our third season at Vauxhall Fashion Scout – which is quite nice. Everyone was so helpful and because it’s the first show of the season – there’s such a buzz! Backstage everything was so quiet, calm and beautiful.    

It’s NY Fashion Week & fashion brand Buckler braved the cold and held a men’s show “English Bloke meets New York” just outside it’s Soho store on 93 Grand Street. I really like the interesting, unbalanced & askew styling of the mens hair. This is a look that you can easily find on any guyContinue reading

Ran into Nisha and Amber of The Broken Hearts while they were on their way to a photoshoot. They’re DJing tonight at the afterparty for the Brit Awards!

If you’re looking for vintage inspired tights check out Beyond Retro. You’ll find tights with bows and piping up the back but also some lovely tights with tiny gold studs dotted about!

  A few nights ago, I was invited to the opening of a new NYC flagship store for ultra cool cosmetic company NARS. The new store is located at 413 Bleecker Street. It’s a great area for a shop to be placed in Manhattan as its on the same street as Marc Jacobs and SexContinue reading

I love location shoots – you never quite know what to expect. This shoot was at the MC Motors Warehouse in Dalston.

I have several Belen Echandia handbags, which I’ve had for years. I’m not a person who treats her handbag delicately. They get overstuffed, carried on the tube, slung on the floor and then get carried around to fashion events, but my Belen Echandia bags leather just gets softer and the bags look beautiful. I metContinue reading

Dolly Jones of recently interviewed Markus Lupfer, celebrating FBC’s 5th anniversary. It was a very insightful interview, and a must-see for any new designer. You can see the highlights at Markus shared many great pieces of advice but the one that really registered with me was about fashion being like a cupboard: ‘It’sContinue reading

I love that you can just walk along Brick Lane and listen to some good tunes! Check out Fran and Josh on Myspace.

I have worked with Erika Stasiuleviciute for a number of years. She’s been cast in many of my shows and she’s always so much fun to work with and over the years we have become good friends. Erika took some time out of her hectic schedule to answer a few questions about her model life.Continue reading