An Interview with Charlotte Taylor

Charlotte Taylor showed last season as part of Vauxhall Fashion Scout’s – Ones To Watch. She’s busy preparing her next collection for London Fashion Week at her home in the Isle of Wight but she took some time out to chat about what she’s been up to!

You showed at Vauxhall Fashion Scout’s “Ones to Watch” last season. What’s next for you?
CT- For AW11 the label will be taking a slightly different line – we are focusing more on the fabric prints and producing less product. It is an initiative to solidify the message behind the brand – creating less product and a more identifiable product and brand image. I am also building up a bespoke dress-making service, something I love as I get to work directly with the customer.

What job or internship influenced you the most?

CT- Working at Petra, a high end luxury fashion label durinig university, which was designed by Marcus Constable. I was his assistant and he taught me so much. He is a really talented guy and I learnt more in that period than most of art college!

What has been the most challenging aspect of setting up your label?

CT- The most challenging bit has been figuring out the identity of the brand, what the market identifies and relates to within it, where it is within the market and where I want it to be. My vision for the brand is evolving and there have been some tough decisions I have had to make – the label is not where I thought it would be at this point, it is taking a different angle, but I am more excited about it.

How would you describe your style?
CT- Nearly everything I buy is from the second hand shop. I customise clothes and make my own. I have a couple of items from normal shops but to be honest, everything I have goes back into the business and I would rather spend saved money going away for a couple of days to rejuvenate my mind, get inspiration and come back refreshed. My style is elegant tomboy I guess. I love mixing and matching prints, fabrics and colours, especially in summer. I guess I like classic with a twist.

How did you become interested in fashion?

CT- My main interest has been designing as opposed to ‘fashion’ I think. I love designing clothes, I love the challenge of constructing them and making them and it is amazing to see the finished product. I have been interested in anything creative since I can remember. I started by painting watercolours of the hills of the Lake District, where I grew up.

Do you do all your own prints?
CT- Yes I do all my prints and at the moment everything is done in the UK. In my first few seasons it has been important for me to closely oversee everything and being in the UK aids this.I would not be against going abroad though, when the time is right.

Where are you based? Isle of Wight?
CT- Yes. I have been up and down between London and I nearly moved to London late last year again but didn’t in the end. I am very happy here but it won’t be forever, but I am not as interested in London as I used to be. I love the outdoors, I have a beach on my doorstep and I just got a surfboard for Christmas, so how can I leave?!?!

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