The T-Shirt is the Little Black Dress for Men

The t-shirt was originally a functional item which evolved from underwear in the 19th century and was later worn under a shirt. Marlon Brando wore a t-shirt in A Streetcar Named Desire. It was a rebelious, vulgar and sensual thing to do. In 1951 wearing a t-shirt would have been like walking around in your underwear. Lucinda Ballard, the costume designer, made the t-shirt especially for Brando, as fitted t-shirts did not exist at the time. Lucinda Ballard was nominated for an Oscar for Best B/W Costume Design.


In 1955 James Dean wore a white t-shirt in Rebel Without A Cause – t-shirt sales soared and the t-shirt became a rebellious fashion item.

The t-shirt for a man is the equivalent of the Little Black Dress for a woman. It’s a challenge to find the perfect fit. Love this image from the up and coming menswear label Van-Der.

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