London fashion label Pyrus recently opened their first shop on Newburgh Street and are hosting an exclusive art exhibition in their Basement Gallery with artist Mr Clement! Mr Clement has done previous projects with Dolce & Gabbana and Collette in Paris, and is most famous for the giant sculptures of super cute bunnies and drawings.Continue reading

How about giving a gift of pampering this festive season? LUSH have some super limited edition holiday products. I admit, the aromas and smells inside a LUSH store can sometimes be a little over powering but the products themselves are good enough to eat. There’s nothing more relaxing than a hot bath after a longContinue reading

I love Thanksgiving. It’s one of those holidays that no matter what country I’ve lived I alway enjoy celebrating. Cranberry, turkey, homemade pumpkin pie and of course good friends it’s just such a perfect way to celebrate all the things that I’m thankful for. What a wonderful year! Pumpkin pie or flourless chocolate cake –Continue reading

I think secretly I’d like to have a superhero outfit and I would love to be a cool anime character, so when I had the opportunity for an anime portrait I couldn’t resist having it done! (This was done at Hyper Japan Exhibition that took place in Brick Lane recently).  

If you’re looking for some presents for Christmas check our Shuby Art. Love the cookie jar!

I didn’t really like the film Cats & Dogs:The Revenge of Kitty Galore. Why are cats portrayed as stupid and evil? In this Holy Fuck video this cat can drive.

It’s cold outside, so there’s nothing more delightful then having a cup of hot chocolate with friends at Fortnum and Mason.

Early this morning there was a massive and orderly queue outside H&M on Regent Street. It was the launch of the much anticipated Lanvin for H&M line, and the queue actually went all the way down the street and around the corner. Also out early this morning was Jessica Bumpus of doing ‘Street Style‘Continue reading

I love Christmas lights and Carnaby Street always has the cutest Christmas displays! This display is at the corner of Carnaby and Ganton Street, just make sure you look up or you can miss it!

My job as a stylist requires me to be creative, but it also requires me to be organized! Every shoot involves lots of details and planning. It’s important for fashion students who want to be stylist to know how much prep work is really involved in a shoot. for example these are just some ofContinue reading

Spanx are not just for women any more! Women have been wearing them for over a decade, but now if you’re a guy who has a beer gut this top is designed to make you look slimmer by using compression. The shorts also use compressed fabric, contouring the silhouette and adds "dimension" to the figureContinue reading

I love these studded Alice Palmer tights. One of the many perks of being her stylist is that I’ve been lucky enough to own a pair since she first showed them on the catwalk in February 2010! …and now they’re available at ASOS! They’re calling them Ninja Studded Tights, which is a pretty cool nameContinue reading

The London College of Fashion celebrated the launch of The Body Shop’s new collection ‘Brush With Fashion‘ cruelty-free make-up for Spring 2011. William Tempest and JENA.THEO (both LCF graduates) provided the garments for the fashion show at The London College of Fashion yesterday …and naturally, there were cupcakes (and champagne) to be had! Illustrator andContinue reading

Some weeks most of my time is spent doing research and other times it’s running around prepping for shoots. The last few days I’ve had so many shoots and most of them have been outside in the rain! We got really soaked and even had a bit of thunder but fortunately our team was greatContinue reading

The teacup pig is becoming very popular but they may not be as small as you think. They still grow up to 75lb. The smaller the pig the higher the price!

I was delighted to attend the International Herald Tribune Heritage Luxury Gala that was held at the prestigious One Mayfair. The event celebrated 10 years of Heritage Luxury with IMG and all of London’s finest fashion crowd was there to celebrate. The event was two days of interviews and discussions with some of the worldsContinue reading

I had the pleasure of meeting with Diego Dolcini at the Swarovski Elements event in London. Diego studied at the Faculty of Architecture of the Politecnico di Milano and has a master’s degree in Fashion Design at Domus Academy. He’s done many collaborations:Emilio Pucci, Bulgari, Tom Ford for Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana. Diego hasContinue reading

Today I learned that mascara has now replaced lipstick as the #1 makeup product that women purchase. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only woman in the world with a mascara obsession. It was chemist TL Williams who created the first mascara for his sister Mabel.. Which later on became the mega cosmeticContinue reading

Press days often have enticing treats. It’s quite fun as you’re tempted to hang out, stay longer and the press day becomes more of a social event. There is nothing more depressing than attending a press day and you feel you’re disturbing the PR and there’s not a cupcake in sight. Fashion Press Week atContinue reading