Celebrity Autobiography at the Leicester Square Theatre

I love going to the theatre, but living in city with so much theatre it’s odd to say, but it’s hard to know what to go and see. By chance I just happend to pass by the Leicester Square Theatre and notice that Ugly Betty’s Michael Urie was performing in Celebrity Autobiography. I couldn’t give this a miss as I adore his character in Ugly Betty and you just get the impression he’s going to be great on stage – and he was. I know so many other fashion people who would have really enjoyed this show!

Eugene Pack’s hit New York show features memoirs of the rich and famous. It’s quite fun and you know you’re in for a good night when Sally Phillips (from Smack The Pony) starts reading Sex by Madonna. There are extracts from Hollywood’s most famous love triangle – Elizabeth Taylor, Debbie Reynolds, and Eddie Fisher, a reading from of Sylvester Stallone autobiography with Tommy Lee’s Tommy Land and David Hasselhoff’s Don’t Hassel the Hoff including his dilemma playing Jekyll & Hyde!

Dates for the next performances are 8 November, 13 December, 10 January. for more information check out Celebrity Autobiography.

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