Hyper Japan in Brick Lane

Hyper Japan is a unique cultural and culinary event celebrating Japan’s pop culture – it was at Truman Brewery in .

It’s quite fun to see so many people dressed up and really enjoying fashion! This really felt like a celebration and most of the girls were dressed up as one of their favourite characters. Don’t mistake these supercute Lolitas as just young and frivolous. All the girls I met were opinionated and had lots to say.

It was as if a lot of the girls we saw were the outcasts at school, and here they had a home. The friendliness in the queue (we queued for an hour and a half to get in!) was amazing. In a way this is one form of feminism today – they all seemed strong, had a great sense of fun and were absolutely fearless when it came to dressing up as their favourite characters and going out in public. One girl even arrived in the line looking normal, and by the time we reached the door to get in her transformation from mousy girl into superhero was complete, and those around her marveled at how much she looked like the character she was dressed as (I unfortunately had no idea who it was!). She mentioned that she didn’t reuse her costumes either – this was her 42nd costume!

These four girls are the voices behind the Japanese anime show Milky Holmes!

I met these two sisters while buying sweets! (I asked their mum if I could take a photo and they were quite excited about being on a fashion blog!)

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