Daisy de Villeneuve designs prints for Zac Posen


Illustrator designed prints for Zac Posen’s Z Spoke collection S/S 2011 at New York Fashion Week! I had a chance to ask her about the collaboration:

How did the collaboration come about?

When I was in New York in April, Zac & I were chatting over dinner, we had always talked about collaborating. It was actually Zac’s boyfriend, Christopher Niquet, the creative director of Z Spoke, who prompted the collaboration.

What inspired the prints?

Zac had a moodboard & colour palette that I worked with. We had a lot of phone conversations & emails – ideas went back & forth for months. Zac had an idea for fruit faces & I was able to put his vision into designing the prints. I knew exactly what he wanted. Plus, I wanted to add something that was distinctly my style into the design such as the multi-coloured faces.

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