I can never commit to having a tattoo. Every now and then I get a henna at a festival but find myself frantically scrubbing it off a few days later.                

This week I’ve been busy working on the September Issue of Fashion.Music.Style and preparing for Fashion Week but I still get excited when I see our latest issue in a shop. It takes so much effort and dedication to get an independent magazine up and running, but really we have a small but amazing team!!Continue reading

I’m quite fond of tea dresses and bird prints so when Very.co.uk offered me a dress this one fit the bill. It’s a bit longer than I like but I have no hesitation in making little alternations – which doesn’t work for everyone. I really like simple dresses for every day. I really enjoy onlineContinue reading

Alice Temperley, William Tempest, PPQ, Clements Ribeiro, and Felder Felder have each created an exclusive tote bag that comes with the September issue of Marie Claire. I love when you get something free with a magazine and now you can actually win prizes too. Just upload a picture of yourself wearing the tote on MaireContinue reading

I love vintage shopping and afternoon tea so an invitation to combine the two at the Sanderson Hotel sounded delightful! The prices and selection were great. Samantha Franks is the owner of We-love-Vintage.com and if you’re looking for something special one of the unique services that Samantha offers is that she will search high andContinue reading

Kensington Palace is offering creative workshops and talks this summer. I’m giving a styling class on August 11th and part of the event includes entry to the Enchanted Palace Exhibition. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a wonderful exhibit!

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that fashion is actually a business. It’s fun, it’s something we experience, something we wear  – but it is a business and fashion people know how to celebrate! Drapers celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the Drapers Awards in association with Vente-privee, and they celebrated in style! The event was beautifulContinue reading

There are about 950 brands exhibiting at Pure London. There are catwalk shows several times per day, trend presentations by WGSN and interviews by Vogue.com. It’s interesting to visit the stands and see what makes a brand stand out and what makes a new brand trustworthy. Rakish Heels and Nico Didonna Ian Stuart (who doesContinue reading

How cool is Taylor Momsen? She dresses amazingly, she’s the face of Material Girl, she is doing a campaign for John Galliano and she’s in a band. When you’re this cool at 17 what do you do next?