Cox Cookies & Cake

The storefront is very mysterious right now, but just thinking about Canadian shoe designer Patrick Cox opening up a shop with Master Patissier Eric Lanlardis is quite exciting. They are going to have lots of Canadian favourites like Nanaimo Bars that are made from coconut, chocolate biscuits with a layer of custard vanilla butter cream and coated in melted dark chocolate. Yum! The shop opens on September 1st at 13 Brewer Street, London.

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2 comments on “Cox Cookies & Cake

  1. Penny Dreadful Vintage
    August 17, 2010 at 11:11

    Eeeee! How exciting, I’ve never had a Nanaimo bar before so this will be MOST welcome.

  2. VB
    September 1, 2010 at 23:23

    Was quite excited about this, went today which was supposed to be its opening day for a cupcake hit. It was open, and it was after dinner, probably around 8.30. Utterly weird, off-putting experience.

    The staff were utterly disinterested, talking amongst themselves about their private lives. We interrupted them and asked about the flavours, one guy shrugged, the other pointed to a yellowish one and said ‘I think that’s lemon’ and to one decorated with walnuts and said ‘and obviously that one has hazelnuts in it’. We gave him a look of confusion and he said ‘we just got here literally ten minutes ago we know nothing about what’s in any of this stuff’. As he said this he was fingering a cake before putting it back on the counter, really unsanitary. By this point we didn’t really want to buy anything. He said not to come back until friday as they wouldn’t know anything about the food until then.

    One of the most underwhelming food shop experiences I’ve had in London for a while. I hate it when staff don’t know anything about what they’re selling and the fact that nobody on the premises had any idea what was in the cupcakes made me think they weren’t made fresh onsite.

    Given that it’s opening in such a vibrant foodie part of London I’d give it a miss and go to one of the other nearby cupcake shops – where there’s a bit more attention to detail and it feels like a labour of food love.

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