Last week on a not so sunny day in Brooklyn I had the pleasure of lunching with Lime Crime cosmetics president and CEO  Doe Deere and Vice President, Mark Dumbelton at an adorable little Polish restaurant called Lomzyniaka ( a tasty destination spot for those visiting the Greenpoint/Williamsburg area of Brooklyn). Over the most deliciousContinue reading

I didn’t realize what a big fan of jasmine I was until I went to visit Vietnam and the scent was everywhere. There was jasmine tea, bowls of jasmine flowers in the lift and on tables and actual Jasmine trees! I just couldn’t get enough of it. I was recently sent some ‘Jasmine Absolute’  UltraContinue reading

I mainly wear dresses so tights are such a huge part of my wardrobe, and a good pair of tights can make your outfit. I’ve been a big fan of Gal Stern Tights so I’m quite happy that you can now find them at Wolf & Badger, 46 Ledbury road, Notting Hill.

I went to visit menswear designer Stefán Orschel-Read at his studio to see his new collection, and we were also casting models for his SS 2011 show. His new collection is so beautiful: he uses Sea Island cotton, dupion silk, bamboo, iridescent tonic and cashmere British tailoring wools. I can’t really say more than that, butContinue reading

I went to visit the new A/W 10 collection of Uggs at their Covent Garden store. I actually didn’t expect the new collection to be so on trend. When I think of Uggs I really think of the classic Uggs but they had biker style boots, riding inspired boots and lots of great wedges! IContinue reading

I love that police on motorbikes in London can stop traffic for horses to go by. There is just something so old world about seeing horses in the city.

I Blame Coco’s third single Quicker is out September 27th. I can’t help but like Coco Sumner; she’s effortlessly cool. Love her style and attitude.    

I styled a shoot with hair stylist Andrew Barton for breast cancer awareness. We had two celebrities and one breast cancer survivor. This was her first photo shoot and she said she’d never look at a magazine the same way – she never knew how many people were really involved in a photo shoot! IContinue reading

I saw these bookmarks at the airport in Ho Chi Minh City and just loved them. I’ve always been a fan of paper dolls and had so many of Erté’s fashion paper doll books.

  Backstage at Miss World Vietnam was very festive. I loved all the costumes – everything had embellishment or sparkled!  

Sometimes my job is pretty cool. For the most part I’m lugging suitcases around London and occasionally I’m lugging suitcases on the other side of the world. I’ve been on Hon Tre Island for a day now and with the heat and jet lag I don’t have a sense of time, but everything seems toContinue reading

So far everything in Vietnam feels unfamiliar, but in a good way. The people are so friendly that you feel truly welcome. It’s nice not to see a Starbucks on every street corner but I couldn’t help but be excited to find Red Bull on Hon Tre Island, Nha Trang. Different packaging with quite aContinue reading

Really this is a day in a plane, in a car and then in a hotel in Ho Chi Minh City. Sometimes when I’m working I don’t get to see too much of a city but if you just look out the taxi window you can get a wonderful impression! It was so hot andContinue reading

The storefront is very mysterious right now, but just thinking about Canadian shoe designer Patrick Cox opening up a shop with Master Patissier Eric Lanlardis is quite exciting. They are going to have lots of Canadian favourites like Nanaimo Bars that are made from coconut, chocolate biscuits with a layer of custard vanilla butter creamContinue reading

While I was giving a fashion workshop at Kensington Palace the lady who organizes the educational department shared with us these lovely 18 century Georgian shoes from the archives at Kensington Palace. There is no right or left shoe – they’re the same, a true pair of shoes. The shoes are very delicate and toContinue reading

  Working in extremely close proximity with people, I am very aware of the importance of fresh breath. When having long shoot days with meals in between and early start times drinking coffee, gum doesn’t quite cut it. Recently I discovered Colgate Wisps – mini disposable tooth brushes. My favourite is the cinnamon flavour. TinyContinue reading