Travels to Beruit and Amman

I recently went to Beruit and Amman to do wardrobe for Il Divo. Sometime my job takes me to extraordinary locations. Beruit was very friendly – I walked around some of the main shopping districts as I had a few hours before my call time. I met so many people who were just kind and friendly, the Lebanese were very welcoming.

 I wasn’t expecting to find any familiar coffee or retail shops in Beruit but I found quite a few, however there are also some lovely independent shops like Boutique 1 Beirut.

I did venture off the main road to find some handy corner shop with loads of fruit and tried the local pizza, which had a very thin crust and was really delicious. Actually, all the food I had in Lebanon was outstanding! Why doesn’t hummous taste this good in London?

I didn’t have any free time in Amman but our location was truly amazing – we were at the Amman Citadel. It’s over 7000 years old and most of it is unexcavated. With the hot sun, and hearing prayers from the mosques it was extraordinary. I was only gone for a few days but everything felt so new that I felt I’d been away for quite a while.

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  1. Srividya
    July 26, 2010 at 7:07

    Hi. How lovely to be able to travel to such exotic destinations in the course of work. You are a fashion stylist for the rich and famous? That deserves a wor…and did you get to meet the 4 guys in the Il divo group – they seem quite good looking dont they?

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