Nokia X6

A PR was kind enough to send me a Nokia X6 phone, and I’ve been using it for the last couple of months – I’m pretty busy so it’s actually taken me that long to use all of it’s features, and I’m still not done! It’s an amazing phone – a 32GB little multimedia centre in your pocket (ok, it’s usually in my handbag). My favourite things about the phone:

Free GPS – Ovi Maps works perfectly, and it’s great for those "wait, what direction am I walking?" moments, which are rare but when your meeting is in 15 minutes it’s a great feature, and I don’t have to carry my A to Z, which is great – it even shows what side of the street you’re standing on – scary!

32GB of storage – I don’t think I’ll ever take enough pictures to fill up the phone’s storage!

5 megapixel camera, with flash, although you kill the battery if you take too many flash pictures. That’s understandable I guess, but something you have to keep in mind.

The touchscreen works perfectly – you can sweep over the contacts list and it starts scrolling incredibly fast, and you just touch the screen and it stops immediately.

The supplied earphones sound great, but if you don’t like earplugs stuck in your ears the audio jack on the phone is the standard miniplug so you can plug in any headphones you want, which is a bonus.

This is the best phone I’ve ever used for recording video at concerts – I hate it when you look on youtube at a fans uploaded video that they shot at a gig and the sound is so awful you can’t watch it! I was at a Madness concert, which was a great intimate gig at a pub, and it sounded like they brought their stadium speakers because it was LOUD, which was great because they sounded fantastic. I thought the video would sound awful but amazingly the phone picked up the sound perfectly!

The screen is beautiful too – it’s 360 x 640 pixels and whenever I show someone a picture on it they remark how great it looks on the phone.

The on-screen keyboard is great too – it’s really easy to type with – I’ve seen a lot of iPad reviews that rave about the keyboard and the keyboard on this phone has the same feel to it.

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  1. Rajender
    August 10, 2010 at 10:10

    hi… i am planing to buy this phone, but i m not sure if we can use excel application in this phone. can any one advice me if it is possible to use excel in this. many thanks, Raj

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