I had so much fun styling Kate Nash’s video for Kiss That Grrrl! Kate’s bunny suit was designed by William Tempest and the cool boots were from Rakish Heels. Ryan and Wesley wore ruffle shirts which came from Beyond Retro and my team and I spent hours gluing on Swarovski Crystals to give them aContinue reading

I love roses & doors. It always looks like something magical is going to happen. Something wonderful and fantastic is happening behind closed doors.

Jade Kang, Alice Palmer and Corrie Nielsen have just been announced as the three finalists for Fashion Fringe 2010 – here they are last night celebrating the great news with John Galliano. The finalists will show their collections in September at the Fashion Fringe at Covent Garden catwalk during London Fashion Week! Fashion Fringe offersContinue reading

We had to do about 25 looks for this shoot – luckily we had two days. When it’s a catalogue shoot you can do about 50 looks per day and of course it’s a crazy busy day and not an easy day for the model. This shoot was not that crazy but there were lotsContinue reading

I love when I see signage like this – it just gives you a sense of history. Church’s was founded in 1873 by Thomas Church. His family made handmade men’s shoes dating since 1675 and Church’s sell shoes worldwide today! In 1884 Church’s made some unusual shoes –  one that was for the left footContinue reading

Saw this girl on Carnaby Street and loved her tattoos!

Love the way Janelle Monáe moves, plus she’s super cute. I also like that all the trousers have been shortened so it really puts the focus on the dancing!