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Erin O’Connor in William Tempest for Vauxhall Ampera

Posted by Rebekah Roy on June 30th, 2010

AMPERA ERIN Electric WilliamTempest Erin OConnor in William Tempest for Vauxhall Ampera

Last week I styled a shoot featuring Vauxhall’s newest car, an electric car called the Ampera.

For the shoot William Tempest designed the ‘Erin Electric,’ a dress which features hundreds of LED lights and 1,000 Swarovski crystals. The dress was designed just for Erin O’Connor. Erin also wore a pair of very sparkly Gina shoes with a Rainbow True ring from Swarovski Crystalized. She looked amazing – we did the shoot late at night and Erin really was stopping traffic!

AMPERA ERIN Electric WilliamTempest2 Erin OConnor in William Tempest for Vauxhall Ampera

The Ampera at the shoot is actually the only one that exists right now – it goes into production in 2012. It’s really amazing how quiet electric cars are!

Erin OConner2 Erin OConnor in William Tempest for Vauxhall Ampera

We got ready at William’s studio. Erin was amazing, super cool and fun to work with. After a few touch ups from William himself we headed off to the Chelsea Bridge!

AMPERA ERIN Electric WilliamTempest3 Erin OConnor in William Tempest for Vauxhall Ampera

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The USB Key

Posted by Rebekah Roy on June 29th, 2010

Swarovski Active Crystals USB The USB Key

For some reason I can’t resist a sparkly USB key. I love when I give a presentation and I hand over my sparkly USB key and I feel a bit silly in a kind of special way. These USB key animals are by Swarovski Active Crystals and they also make sparkly headphones!

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‘In her shoes again’ An exhibition by Daisy de Villeneuve

Posted by Rebekah Roy on June 28th, 2010

daisy de villeneuve London ‘In her shoes again’ An exhibition by Daisy de Villeneuve‘In her shoes again’ is an exhibition by Daisy de Villeneuve at the No-One Boutique:  "I’m happy that my solo show is transferring to No-One Boutique in Shoreditch after a one month stint at Liberty. It’s nice that my work gets to be shown at such diverse locations & seen by a varied audience."

No-One Boutique
1 Kingsland Road, London. E2
July 9th 2010




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An Interview with Anthony Assefi

Posted by Rebekah Roy on June 27th, 2010

Anthony Assefi YDE reddress An Interview with Anthony AssefiAnthony Assefi has been designing and creating beautiful pieces for almost twenty five years.

What is your fashion background?
AA – Designer at Versace (Italy), head designer at Perry Ellis (NY), design director at PVH (NY), and at the present time co-founder and director at YDE and Head of men’s design at DAY Birger et Mikkelsen (Denmark).

What is a typical work day like for you?
AA – Lots of emails, lots of following up, checking on last season’s production, fine tuning the current one and working on ideas for the next one, you always have to work on 3 seasons.

Where did you study?
AA – Fashion institute of design and merchandising in Los Angeles

What is your favourite garment in your wardrobe?
AA – Black T-shirts

What were your influences growing up?
AA – Architecture, travelling, old Hollywood movies
AnthonyAssefi1 An Interview with Anthony AssefiAnthonyAssefi2 An Interview with Anthony Assefi

What advice do you have for new designers?
AA – Focus on style and not trends.

AnthonyAssefi4 An Interview with Anthony AssefiAnthonyAssefi5 An Interview with Anthony Assefi

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Time Out!

Posted by Rebekah Roy on June 26th, 2010

DayOff Time Out!

I find it very hard to take a break and just kind of sit back. It’s important to work hard but it’s also important to find down time where you can. This is why I like traveling. I know lots of people really hate flying and all it’s ‘wasted time’ but I tend to use it as a mini forced break. I’m often taking the train – not far, 20 miniutes to a couple of hours visiting designers who are outside of London. I cherish this time. I’ll get a coffee or diet coke and a package of crisps and just enjoy the journey. I’ll usually have magazines and a book for the journey but will only use them when traveling back in the dark.

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Shellac – The two week manicure!

Posted by Rebekah Roy on June 25th, 2010

teresasmith shellac Shellac   The two week manicure!

I met up with nail expert Teresa Smith of Nails At Work during her press day at the Hospital Club for a Shellac polish. Teresa explains "Shellac is great for holidays as they stay chip-free and super shiny for weeks. My office based clients love the fact they can get straight back to work after their manicure with no risk of smudging – truly the best nail innovation I’ve ever seen!

shellac nailpolish Shellac   The two week manicure! Shellac is a hybrid of traditional nail polish and UV gel polish. There is no buffing so there is no harm to the nail. Shellac paints on like polish – base coat, color, top coat – and is cured in a UV light so there is zero dry time – which is so amazing!

Well, Shellac is amazing! My nails really take a bashing and I can’t be precious with them. I’m dragging cases, hanging clothes, sewing and in general I’m just hard on my hands. Also I never put hand cream on during the day as i don’t ever want to get any on the clothes. So by the end of the day my hand and cuticles are extremely dry.

Two weeks later my nails are still in perfect condition!

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Shabby Chic Location Shoot

Posted by Rebekah Roy on June 24th, 2010

Shabby Chic location3 Shabby Chic Location Shoot

Location shoots can be quite fun. It’s quite curious being in someone else’s house. The owner usually makes themselves scarce on the day – so you can have some privacy for the shoot. This house was quite wonderful and if you’re into shabby chic this would be perfect – which it was.

Shabby Chic location2 Shabby Chic Location Shoot

When you’re styling it’s important to think of the location and your colour choices – it’s about the whole image – not just the styling. Everything from hair to make-up, lighting and the location contribute to the look!

Shabby Chic location1 Shabby Chic Location Shoot

Shabby Chic location4 Shabby Chic Location Shoot

Shabby Chic location5 Shabby Chic Location Shoot

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Rimmel’s Lash Accelerator

Posted by Rachel Wood on June 23rd, 2010

Zooey deschanel Rimmel(1) Rimmels Lash Accelerator Look out lash lover’s!! Rimmel’s launching a new mascara come this September called Lash Accelerator. This new product works as both a cosmetic and a treatment. Every time you use Lash Accelerator it not only makes up your eye lashes but works its inner magic to promote lash growth. Use for a month to see results of thicker and fuller lashes…sounds good to me! Rimmel’s also got a new spokes model, the super quirky and cute actress/songstress Zooey Deschanel.





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Customization & Crystals!

Posted by Rebekah Roy on June 22nd, 2010

Customization Customization & Crystals!

Much of my time is spent customizing garments. I love going to habadashery and bead shops. I get totally lost looking at ribbon and all things shiny! I’ve been doing quite a bit of gluing crystals but I really prefer the hot stones. Right now the Swarovski Crystalized shop in London is having a very lovely sale. You can find all sorts of interesting bits and pieces for £5.00!

Swarovski Crystalized Customization & Crystals!Swarovski Crystalized 1 Customization & Crystals!

Swarovski Crystalized 2 Customization & Crystals!


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Rooftops and Ray-Bans

Posted by Rebekah Roy on June 21st, 2010

 Rooftops and Ray Bans

I was doing a shoot on the rooftop at Universal Music in West London and it was one of those rare bright sunny days. It was quite funny because six of us were all wearing different styles of Ray-Bans but the favourite style was the Club Master!

universal music1 Rooftops and Ray Bans

Views from the rooftop of Universal Music in South Kensington.

universal music2(2) Rooftops and Ray Bans

At Universal in the silver bubble: my assistant and me with designer Craig Speller of Harriet’s Muse.

universal music HarrietsMuse Rooftops and Ray Bans

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Brooklyn Charm Shop

Posted by Rachel Wood on June 20th, 2010

BrooklynCharm Brooklyn Charm Shop

Recently in NYC I’ve gained a few new makeup clients, one of them is the very talented jewelry designer Tracie Howarth, owner of Brooklyn Charm. I’ve worked with Tracie on various fashion events and recently did her makeup when she was being interviewed for ABC TV in the USA.  What’s really special and unique about Tracie’s store Brooklyn Charm is that it’s a place where you can create your own jewelry. Along the walls and tables in the shop are spools of various chains, boxes of various charms, containers of stones and gems. You’re given a tray to collect the items you like and Tracie or one of her talented staff will then assemble the necklace or bracelet for you. If you want to learn how to make your own jewelry, there are classes held at the store on various evenings. I  think the concept of this store is great because you really are guaranteed to get a one of a kind creation. Tracie also sells vintage rings, pre-made up pieces and various other pieces of jewlery.

BrooklynCharm1 Brooklyn Charm Shop

BrooklynCharm2 Brooklyn Charm Shop


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Knaves Grave

Posted by Rebekah Roy on June 19th, 2010

makeout Knaves Grave

Knaves Grave is a fantastic brand new band from Atlanta, Georgia, USA. How new? Their debut video is for their single I Don’t Wanna Be Yr AARP and the song on their myspace page has an impressive 91 plays as of this posting – that’s almost triple digits! Their myspace also has their other songs including Get Off My Dick, and charming love song I Would Eat Yr Poo, which is a cover of Prince’s I Would Die 4 U but with a cooler title.

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Festival Wear

Posted by Rebekah Roy on June 18th, 2010

glastonfury festival Festival Wear

Glastonbury is next week – you probably know which bands you’re seeing, but what are you wearing? The two things we can count on is great music and unpredictable weather. So the challenge is to look great and stay dry.

Beyond Retro has some super cute ponchos for £3. They’re quite light and pack up quite small, and of  course you can’t beat the price.

BeyondRetro Festival Wear

I really hate it when my feet get soaked so I’m partial to wellies. I love them with long socks, and they look great with shorts and dresses of all lengths. I’m a huge fan of the playsuit but it’s not the easiest of outfits to get off in a port-a loo. You have to be practical – not all of us are flying in on a helicopter but we can try to look like we did!

Hunter Wellies Festival Wear

Unbrella JohnLewis Fullton(1) Festival Wear


The Fulton Birdcage Domed Umbrella is perfect for festivals. (It’s only £15 from John Lewis). These umbrells are great because you get full coverage and you can’t poke people in eyes because of the dome shape! 



prada eyewar Pigtails jpg  Festival Wear


Festival dress should be fun but It’s important to think about cleanliness. You might look fabulous but if you have BO and dirty hair it’s hopeless. Prada has made pigtails fashionable again and of course they’re perfect for a festival. There are also quite a few dry shampoos which can be quite useful if you don’t have the opportunity to shower as much as you usually would. Wear deoderant and take some antiseptic liquid hand soap and don’t hesitate to use it on your feet!

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Ray Lowry – London Calling

Posted by Rebekah Roy on June 17th, 2010

RayLowry LondonCalling 037 Ray Lowry   London Calling

I went to a retrospective to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the ‘London Calling’ album, the life of Ray Lowry and the launch of the Ray Lowry Foundation.

It’s hard to know why something is iconic but we know it when we see  "London Calling". Lowry created the artwork for the London Calling album sleeve, using a photograph by Pennie Smith.

RayLowry LondonCalling 027 Ray Lowry   London Calling RayLowry LondonCalling 028 Ray Lowry   London Calling

Lowry was a cartoonist, illustrator and satirist, his work was published in NME, Private Eye, Fun City, The Face and The Guardian. He was was also a painter of urban landscapes using oils and water colours (LS Lowry was his unrelated namesake).

RayLowry LondonCalling 034 Ray Lowry   London Calling

The exhibition includes the work of 30 artists, including Tracey Emin, Nick Hornby, Billy Childish, Harry Hill, Paul Simonon and Humphrey Ocean, who created reinterpretations of The Clash’s ‘London Calling’ album cover. Ray Lowry was a self taught artist and The Ray Lowry Foundation was set up in his name to provide financial assistance and mentoring to talented students unable to afford further training. All of the work of the 30 artists will be auctioned off to raise money for the foundation.

RayLowry LondonCalling 041 Ray Lowry   London Calling

Idea Generation Ltd
11 Chance Street
London E2 7JB

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Cocaine Werewolf Super Awesome Fun Time!

Posted by Rebekah Roy on June 16th, 2010

This song is by The Lovely Bad Things and of course the video is from Russ Meyer’s legendary cult film “Faster Pussycat, Kill! Kill!” – originally released in 1965. I love this film – it’s iconic.


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Soap & Glory – Arch De Triumph!

Posted by Rachel Wood on June 15th, 2010

 Soap & Glory   Arch De Triumph! For anyone who really struggles with their brows, I’ve found a fab solution – Soap & Glory‘s Arch De Triumph. This cosmetic product is a double ended pencil: one side brow shaper and the other highlighter, but what’s so super about this makeup pencil is that on the back of the package it has various pop out eye brow shaped stencils. A fantastic guide for filling in or shaping. Perfect for the eyebrow novice or those who are looking to try out new types of brow shapes too. It also gives step by step instructions on how to perfect your grooming technique. Makes brow work like paint by numbers- pretty fool proof!

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Girlfriends, Cake & Shoes

Posted by Rebekah Roy on June 14th, 2010

daisydevilleneuve1 Girlfriends, Cake & Shoes

Hanging out with friends having a girly afternoon and celebrating Daisy de Villeneuve’s birthday with lots of little cakes!

daisydevilleneuve donuts Girlfriends, Cake & Shoesdaisydevilleneuve cookies Girlfriends, Cake & Shoes

Sometimes we can get so busy and caught up in our day-to-day lives we forget how important the little things are like cakes and shoes. It’s good to have friends who understand and celebrate the little things!

daisydevilleneuve treats Girlfriends, Cake & Shoes

daisydevilleneuve cushions Girlfriends, Cake & Shoes

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Lee Mattocks – Embroidery Combined with Taxidermy

Posted by Rebekah Roy on June 10th, 2010

Lee Mattocks handbags Lee Mattocks   Embroidery Combined with Taxidermy

I first saw Lee Mattocks‘ work at the 20th Anniversary of Lulu Guiness at the V&A last year. I was quite smitten with his hand bags. Is work is combination of embroidery and taxidermy – quite unusual. So naturally when Lee contacted me recently I really wanted to know more about his work and future plans.


What is your fashion background?
My background is fine art, however, I won a large scholarship to study fashion artefact at LCF because of my advanced skills in embroidery working on commissioned pieces for a number of years. i have shown embroidered artworks at a variety of venues including the Alexander Palace and the V&A.

Lee Mattocks handbags4 Lee Mattocks   Embroidery Combined with Taxidermy

What awards have you won?
Emroiderers Guild Scholarship, Harold Tillman Scholarship and shortlisted for: English Eccentrics Bursary and IHDA for best overall style and design.

Lee Mattocks handbags3 Lee Mattocks   Embroidery Combined with Taxidermy
What’s your inspiration behind this collection?
Inspired by the way historical artefacts are distorted, by the methods of display adopted by museums, how our personal lived experience and memories affect objects we see on display.The history of surrealism, and experimentation with surrealist drawing techniques such as automatic drawing and the paranoid critical method pioneered by Salvador Dali.

Lee Mattocks handbags2 Lee Mattocks   Embroidery Combined with Taxidermy
Do you do your own taxidermy?
No! Produced by a farmer in Scotland.

What’s next for you?
Working on my first commercial collection, looking at the psychology of the broken mirror and crystal shapes and geometry.

williams handmade suitcase Lee Mattocks   Embroidery Combined with Taxidermy

What is your favourite men’s accessory?
‘Williams British Handmade’ distorted briefcases.

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Barbara Hulanicki – Beyond Biba

Posted by Rebekah Roy on June 9th, 2010

Barara Hulancicki biba Barbara Hulanicki   Beyond Biba

Loved this video! You can meet Barbara Hulanicki at the Fashion and Textile Museum on Friday June 11th. She’ll be signing copies of her DVD and you’ll get to meet her in person. I saw her speak a while back at the Drapers Fashion Summit – she was very inspiring and generous!

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Zandra Rhodes Launches Handbag Collection A/W10

Posted by Rebekah Roy on June 8th, 2010

Zandra Rhodes1 Zandra Rhodes Launches Handbag Collection A/W10

I was quite excited about this launch as I was really looking forward to meeting Zandra Rhodes – she’s so cool! This is Zandra’s her first handbag collection for A/W10 at the at the Mandeville Hotel in London. The bags are distinctive with a bright pink lining and with rose gold hardware. It’s hard to beat the price point as the bags start at £30!

Zandra Rhodes2 Zandra Rhodes Launches Handbag Collection A/W10Zandra Rhodes4 Zandra Rhodes Launches Handbag Collection A/W10

Zandra designs have been worn by a diverse group of admirers including Diana, Princess of Wales, Jackie Onassis, Elizabeth Taylor, Kelly Osborne, Ashley Olsen, Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell and Freddie Mercury of the rock group ‘Queen’ – this list is endless!

it’s easy to see why people like her work, it’s easy for them to identify with, it’s quirky and colourful but it accessible at the same time. Zandra has been designer for Opera companies since 2001 while designing two collection of her own label each year. She is also Chancellor of the University of the Creative Arts and devotes much of her time to the Fashion and Textile Museum in London.

Zandra Rhodes3 Zandra Rhodes Launches Handbag Collection A/W10Zandra Rhodes6 Zandra Rhodes Launches Handbag Collection A/W10

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