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Wah Nails!

Posted by Rebekah Roy on May 31st, 2010

I love getting a manicure and finally had one done by the super cool nail salon WAH. It didn’t matter that my nails are super short – they were still able to paint them with one of their more subtle leopard print looks. Lots of people commented on my nails and thought that my nails were a type of press on – but the design was hand painted in only 15 minutes.

 Wah Nails!

 Wah Nails!

You’re starting to see lots of celebrities with amazing nails, including Katy Perry. it’s important not to overlook nails in a photoshoot. Nails can say so much!

WAH Nails1 Wah Nails!WAH Nails2(1) Wah Nails!

WAH is based in East London – it’s worth checking out their salon in Topshop!

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Posted by Rebekah Roy on May 30th, 2010

Mywardrobe denim My   Denim Bar for Men!

Buying jeans is never as simple as it sounds and few retailers have addressed how difficult it has become for men to find the right pair of jeans – skinny, slim, straight, relaxed and boot cut or the various denim treatments including black coated, vintage wash, raw, organic, crinkle wash or selvedge – what’s a man to chose?. is trying to simplify it all.

MyWardrobe denim1 My   Denim Bar for Men!

The pop-up denim shop and bar is designed by Mark Lawson-Bell, (the creative mind behind Conduit Street’s Sketch) and invites shoppers to enjoy martinis and browse through the SS10 menswear denim collections from the My Wardrobe site.

MyWardrobe denim2 My   Denim Bar for Men!

Sarah Curran, Founder and CEO comments, “By launching the Denim Bar, we want to rejuvenate online shopping for jeans. From browsing by designer, understanding skinny, straight and selvedge denim, we want to create a whole new experience.”

MyWardrobe denim3 My   Denim Bar for Men!MyWardrobe denim4 My   Denim Bar for Men!

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Topshop in Knightsbridge

Posted by Rebekah Roy on May 29th, 2010

TopShop Knightbridge1 Topshop in Knightsbridge

TopShop Knightbridge2 Topshop in Knightsbridge

TopShop Knightbridge3 Topshop in KnightsbridgeTopShop Knightbridge4 Topshop in Knightsbridge

TopShop Knightbridge MarkFast Topshop in KnightsbridgeTopShop Knightbridge MarkFast2 Topshop in Knightsbridge

Topshop recently opened in Knightsbridge, across from Harrods. I love the look and feel of the store – it’s 14,000 square feet – three floors of fashion with glass, stainless steel and black marble to give it a bright and luxurious feel.

It’s quite easy to navigate in the shop. It feels more grown-up than the Oxford Street flagship store (not necessarily better – just different). It’s got more of a boutique feel with attentive staff and the newly launched Topshop Make Up and all the designer diffusion lines right on the ground floor. You can’t help but notice the Mark Fast dresses on display and I couldn’t resist buying a Meadham Kirchhoff dress!

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Marks & Spencer Bras

Posted by Rebekah Roy on May 28th, 2010

MarksandSpencer perfectfit bras Marks & Spencer Bras

I saw this ad in the morning Metro.

“Big or small, we love them all. At M&S you’ll find beautiful bras for every size at gorgeous prices. If nature blessed you with more than your fair share, you certainly won’t be charged extra for it. That big boob is all in the past.”

I love M&S. I think most of my bras come from there. On one hand it’s understandable that a 34A costs less as it uses far less fabric than a 40F cup. Realistically they don’t cost the same amount to make so why should they retail for the same cost? Well M&S customers spoke out and M&S changed their pricing! I love this ad – I think it’s witty and funny and smart that they address the issue.

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London College of Fashion – Fashion Panel

Posted by Rebekah Roy on May 27th, 2010

LondonCollegeofFashion Lecture(1) London College of Fashion   Fashion Panel

I was invited to London College of Fashion to be part of a fashion panel along with James Barron, Head of Buying at ASOS; James Watson, Head of Menswear & Development at Liberty; and Veronica Veronina, Managing Director of VIPICA. The evening was hosted by Sisterhood Media Group’s CEO Kubi Springer. I feel it’s really important to participate in these types of events to give students some insight into what the next steps are after graduation.

This was a closed door seminar with 100 students at London College of Fashion that consisted of in-depth discussions with the fashion panel. We talked about how we got where we were and how to get started after graduation. Some of the main points were about how important it is to research a brand or client before your initial meeting and how a good e-mail and cover letter can get you that initial meeting. Charisma, being able to work independently and using your initiative are all winning factors. The importance of networking is a huge factor because many companies would rather hire someone who is recommended to them rather than pay an additional fee through an agency. After the event we had a networking event so that students could practise their networking skills and ask a lot more questions.

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Fashion Shoot in Hackney Wick

Posted by Rebekah Roy on May 26th, 2010

Elele magazine8 Fashion Shoot in Hackney WickElele magazine9 Fashion Shoot in Hackney Wick

Shooting on the roof top  – with a view of all the construction for the Olympics.

Elele magazine11 Fashion Shoot in Hackney WickElele magazine12 Fashion Shoot in Hackney Wick

Elele magazine1 Fashion Shoot in Hackney Wick

Lots of headpieces and embellishment!

Elele magazine2 Fashion Shoot in Hackney Wick

Elele magazine3 Fashion Shoot in Hackney Wick

My lovely assistant ironing away!

Elele magazine5(1) Fashion Shoot in Hackney WickElele magazine7 Fashion Shoot in Hackney Wick

Some very cool tights!


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An Interview with Philippa Morgan, Shopping & Style Editor of Glamour.Com

Posted by Rebekah Roy on May 25th, 2010

Philippa  Morgan Shopping  tyle Editor GlamourCom An Interview with Philippa Morgan, Shopping & Style Editor of Glamour.ComAn interview with Philippa Morgan, Shopping & Style Editor of GLAMOUR.COM.

What is your fashion background?

I was brought up in a house of swatches, sample garments and models reading me bedtime stories, so it was no surprise that I understood fabrics and ‘rag trade’ terms before I could read the time.

Ready for this? My late father was a fashion designer and agent, so was his father and his – it goes back generations. My mum is a very talented buyer. My maternal Grandma was the head tailor for Burberry and Monrospun.

What’s your favourite high street shop?
At the moment, Zara for of-the-moment jackets, COS for classic staples, Topshop for accessories and Reiss for boardroom pieces. If I didn’t have so much leg and hip, then I’d be all over American Apparel spandex.

If you could only make one purchase for your summer wardrobe what would it be?
I’d buy a knock-out full skirt that cuts a 50s-style silhouette, but with a so-2010 high hemline. If limited to only one purchase, then the item must be a new building block to your existing wardrobe and add a new dimension to old favourites.

You’re the Shopping and Style Editor at What does a shopping editor do? What’s a typical day like for you?

A shopping editor is responsible for running the shopping and style channel – which includes editing and selecting products/fashion from the high street and designer collections, creating trend-themed features, industry networking, securing exclusive interviews, creative editorial planning and writing analytical results-based reports.
Glamour An Interview with Philippa Morgan, Shopping & Style Editor of Glamour.Com A typical day is extremely busy; in a whirlwind of coffee and look books, I’ll view hundreds and hundreds of products and hand-pick items for features, come up with creative ideas – my head is always cluttered with mental Post-Its! I also write the daily Dos & Don’ts commentaries, fashion articles and blogs – with Tweets here and there. It’s never quiet. Fashion shouldn’t be quiet.

You’re also the editor of How do you chose what’s hot – editor’s pick?

I’m an instinct-based editor and feature pieces that POP! It’s hard to explain, but something either works, or it doesn’t – suffice to say that if it’s featured, then it’s fabulous! Throughout the selection process, I always think of my audience and what they would like to wear, what would excite them, what has to be in their wardrobes and if the price tag is reasonable.

It’s not always about chasing trends, some pieces of clothing fall into the ‘style’ category rather than ‘fashion’. With all of the above in mind, I look through new stock that’s landed in all major stores and select boutiques to find something special, the next best staple or the downright irresistible.

Did you intern or do work experience?
I interned at Harpers Bazaar, Cosmopolitan Bride, Glamour and, before I landed my job at Condé Nast Digital. It’s a tough industry to crack so you’ve got to bang on the door until someone answers, seamlessly fit in and simultaneously stand-out (that’s a head-scratcher right?!). After graduating, I had 7 months to get a job before I’d officially fall into the financial pits of doom, so I lived on tinned food and made every day of every internship count.

Favourite cocktail?
Cocktails don’t feel so decadent anymore, so I tend to order a voluptuous glass of Pinot Noir. Failing that, pass me a chilly Corona.

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Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

Posted by Rebekah Roy on May 24th, 2010

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat(1) Seche Vite Dry Fast Top CoatI’ve recently been obsessed with painting my nails. It’s spring and there are just so many great colours available but I’m terrible at waiting for my nails to dry. I always end up smudging one of them.

I’ve been snooping through a few make up artists’ kits and several of them have Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. They all recommend it and say it helps stop the polish from smudging or bruising but you still have to give the nails time to dry.






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Radiohead Acoustic Cover by Eliza Doolittle – Creep

Posted by Rebekah Roy on May 23rd, 2010

Tiny girl big voice!

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Fluffy the Bunny

Posted by Rebekah Roy on May 22nd, 2010

Fluffy dwarf Bunny Fluffy the Bunny

I styled a music video last week and Fluffy the Bunny was on set – she’s a dwarf bunny and incredibly social. You can carry her around, she’ll sit on your lap or just beside you hanging out – she likes the company. She also likes grapes!

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Super Sexy CPR – Fortnight Lingerie

Posted by Rebekah Roy on May 21st, 2010

Canadian company Fortnight Lingerie has released a cute viral video for their marketing:

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Buttons at Portobello Market

Posted by Rebekah Roy on May 20th, 2010

Buttons Portobello Buttons at Portobello Market

Buttons Portobello2 Buttons at Portobello Market

Buttons Portobello3 Buttons at Portobello Market

Need a button? This stall has been at Portobello Market for over 30 years. I love stalls like this, especially since I often change the buttons on garments that I buy.

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Festival Wardrobe – It’s all about the Trilby

Posted by Rebekah Roy on May 19th, 2010

Everyone is talking about what’s hot for the festival season, who’s wearing what and who will be best dressed. It seems somewhat ironic, but which festival you attend, which bands you like are just as important say just as much about you as the clothes that you wear. Festivals have always been a celebration of music but music and fashion just can’t be separated anymore and musicians have become true fashion icons.

ca4la  1 Festival Wardrobe   Its all about the Trilby

The trilby is one of the most popular styles of hats and you’re going to see it everywhere, but what’s great about the trilby is that there are lots of variations and they’re suitable for both men and women. The trilby is actually a soft felt hat with a deeply indented crown, and a narrow brim. You can find them in a variety of fabrics including straw and with different coloured band. Hats are always quite personal and can create an instant look. It’s an easy way to give an outfit a bit of panache!ca4la Festival Wardrobe   Its all about the Trilby

I saw some great hats at Ca4la, a Japanese hat shop in east London. (I took these images in their shop).

ca4la  2 Festival Wardrobe   Its all about the Trilby

If you don’t live in London Topman online also has a selection of trilby’s starting at £12!

trilby topman Festival Wardrobe   Its all about the Trilby

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East London Day

Posted by Rebekah Roy on May 18th, 2010

East London FredButler East London Day

When London is sunny it’s amazing, everything seems so wonderful. I was doing lots of prep for a video shoot and saw the amazing accessory designer Fred Butler on her bike! While I was at Beyond Retro I saw their resident cat! Very friendly and she even has her own chair with a pillow – how nice.

East London BeyondRetro East London Day

I later saw another cat just enjoying the day.

East London Cat East London Day

In South London I met an orange dog with a home dye job by it’s owner….He seemed to be glowing.

East London orange dog East London Day

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William Tempest T-shirt

Posted by Rebekah Roy on May 17th, 2010


WilliamTempest Tshirt KensingtonPalace gold William Tempest T shirt

It’s spring and it’s the perfect time for the T-shirt. If you’re on the lookout for a cool designer T-shirt and can’t afford the £835 Valentino mesh and jersey T-shirt on Net-a-Porter then you might save yourself £800 and check out William Tempest’s limited, signed and individually numbered T-shirt for £35!

You can purchase the T-shirt at Kensington Palace or online.  William Tempest created a dress out of 1000 origami birds for the Enchanted Palace. The dress was inspired by Queen Victoria and is on display in her former bedroom. The birds were inspired by the wallpaper in her bedroom.


WilliamTempest Tshirt KensingtonPalace(1) William Tempest T shirt

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300 C! 300 C! Er, I mean Chelsea! Chelsea!

Posted by Rebekah Roy on May 16th, 2010

Here’s a pic from the victory parade for Chelsea FC, which took place this afternoon. What a great blue! For the record, it’s Pantone 300 C, same as the national flag of Scotland.

chelsea 300 C! 300 C! Er, I mean Chelsea! Chelsea!

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Men in Pants

Posted by Rebekah Roy on May 15th, 2010

Men in Pants underwear Men in Pants

Saw a group of men exercising and then running around South London wearing colourful pants and hats.

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Random Nights

Posted by Rebekah Roy on May 14th, 2010

Random magazine DJ Random Nights

Random magazine was celebrating the launch of their next issue out on May 26th.

Random magazine1 Random Nights

Designer Ada Zandition, Bleu-Mae, me and Random magazine editor Rivkie Baum holding a copy of the latest issue!

Random magazine Random Nights

Tom Kembery – Editor in chief

Random magazine AdaZandition Random Nights

Ada with her design team all having too much fun at McQueen onTabernacle Street.

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Unrequited Love – Max Irons

Posted by Rebekah Roy on May 13th, 2010

UnrequitedLove Unrequited Love   Max Irons

I styled a short (two minute) film with Max Irons, (Jeremy Iron’s son), who was the face of Mango and was in a Burberry campaign with Kate Moss.  The film was first screened at Klimaforum Copenhagen (the public conference held concurrently with the Copenhagen Climate Change Talks) and was nominated for an award at The Cape Fear Festival. This year it will be screened in the Short Film Corner at the Cannes Film Festival!

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Indian Premier Fashion Week in London

Posted by Rebekah Roy on May 12th, 2010

indianfahsionweek london Indian Premier Fashion Week in Londonindianfashionweek london 2 Indian Premier Fashion Week in London

In the past few years we’ve seen a growth in India’s fashion market, including the launch of magazines like Vogue India and Grazia India. Now we have Indian Premier London Fashion Week, with Elle India and Asian Woman magazine as media partners for the event. It seems like there is an explosion of Indian fashion, with designers like Manish Arora leading the way as he’s shown at London Fashion Week for several seasons and now shows at Paris Fashion Week. Falguni & Shane Peacock have also shown the last few seasons during London Fashion Week.

Indian Premier London Fashion Week is doing it’s first exhibition in London and plan to do another exhibition in autumn. There are 18 catwalk shows and 25 designer exhibitions over 3 day period at the Bloomsbury Ballroom. It’s produced by the Idea Weavers Group from India.

I saw the GEN-NEXT group show, which featured six designers. The colours were beautiful and rich as one would expect and there was a lot of amazing detail and embellishment. There were also some very traditional looks with a twist, and some minimalist looks.

indianfashionweek london3 Indian Premier Fashion Week in London

indianfashionweek london4 Indian Premier Fashion Week in London

indianfashionweek london5 Indian Premier Fashion Week in London

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