Fashion Talks at Sketchbook Pop Up Shop

Sketchbook fashion magazine is creating a space for discussion, bringing fashion, journalism and art together as part of Carnaby’s Street’s 50 years of fashion and music. They are offering a variety of talks about fashion blogging and online vs print discussions, illustration workshops and live music. It’s an intimate setting and has a salon feel about it and there’s an endless supply of tea and biscuits!

Today I gave a talk as part of the ‘Getting Started’ series – which includes talks from designers, stylists and bloggers. People talk about ‘breaking into the industry‘, I’ve always found this a very funny expression. What so many students don’t realize is that they are already part of the industry, they just want to explore it more. If you work in a retail shop while studying fashion at school and write a fashion blog, you are part of the fashion industry so there’s no need to break into something that you’re already part of. You just might need to break out of your comfort zone and explore it further.

Fashion doesn’t happen in a void. So events like this, especially ones that are free, are essential to learning more about fashion and meeting other people who are like-minded. What was most exciting about this event was not that people stayed around to chat with me after the talk but they were chatting with each other, exchanging cards and ideas. Sometimes we think that our goals are so far away, almost unobtainable but at events like this all you really have to do is turn to the person next you and introduce yourself!


The Pop-Up Shop is at 10 Newburgh Street from 31st March-19th April. Look out for talks with Mademoiselle Robot, Lee Lapthorne and Leon Bailey Green.

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3 comments on “Fashion Talks at Sketchbook Pop Up Shop

  1. Danz
    April 6, 2010 at 11:11

    I really enjoyed your talk Rebekah! It was great that you didn’t only speak about the fun, enjoyable side of fashion styling but also the reality that it can be a very challenging, though not insurmountable, job. Definitely learned a lot in that short space of time.

  2. jotta
    April 8, 2010 at 12:12

    This is such an interesting event. Check out jotta’s article on sketchbook!

  3. jotta
    April 8, 2010 at 12:12

    This is such an interesting event. Check out jotta’s article on sketchbook!

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