Some press events feel more like a celebration of fashion than just a work event. The Felicities press day took place at the Hoxton Factory – it’s a new photographic studio and the home of Random Magazine in London’s east end. The event was a success – delicious Salto lemon cocktails, Label M manicures inContinue reading

Recently I discovered a new drink product that has taken the USA by storm – MonaVie. I was turned on to this wonder beverage in by fitness expert and New York City personal trainer Matt Townsend. This superfood-packed beverage contains the Acai berry from Brazil and 18 other beneficial fruits. 4 ounces of this drinkContinue reading

I met Rebecca Pearson a few weeks back on a shoot and she was so fun to work with. She just made modeling look easy. A good model is not just a pretty face – of course she will have a pretty face but a good model really makes the clothes live, and she knowsContinue reading

I love manicures but I find that they rarely last. I’m quite rough on my hands as I’m constantly dragging suitcases, hanging up clothes and working with fabrics. I had a manicure five days ago using this lovely racing car green by Ciaté and it hasn’t chipped or smugged – t still looks perfect! IContinue reading

I was visiting the Arcadia Press Day and couldn’t help but love the DP section. It’s not a shop that I’d find myself wandering into on a weekly basis – although I couldn’t help thinking of a very fashionable friend of mine – whenever I ask her where that amazing dress came from she nonchalantlyContinue reading

ABC and Fox television banned this Lane Bryant lingerie commercial for the plus-size women. What’s strange is that both networks run Victoria’s Secret ads, so why wouldn’t they run ads with a plus size model? Lane Bryant has been around a long time, and this is not the first time that the company has beenContinue reading

Most of us are lucky to have one cool factor but Liv Boree has them all: – she’s hot – she’s smart: graduated with a degree in physics and astrophysics – she’s a rock chick: she loves heavy metal (she’s even hosted the MTV heavy metal music awards programme) – she’s rich – she’s justContinue reading

Kate Nash is amazing – the concert went from an absolute hurricane (she knows how to rock!) to so quiet you could hear a pin drop when she asked the audience to be quiet for a sweet, gentle rendition of "I Hate Seagulls," from her new album My Best Friend Is You, which just cameContinue reading

  Isabella Oliver is one of my favourite websites and they have just been awarded A Queen’s Award – which is the highest honour that can be bestowed on a UK company. Founders Baukjen De Swaan Arons and Geoff van Sonsbeeck are delighted:  “We are absolutely delighted to receive the Queen’s award. It is aContinue reading

We are constantly being reminded to use it but most of us don’t really know what it means. SPF is a laboratory measure of the effectiveness of sunscreen. So if a suntan lotion is SPF30, your skin will not burn until it has been exposed to 30-times the amount of solar energy that would usuallyContinue reading

I’ve always loved the Easter Egg hunt. As a child you’re almost guaranteed to find a certain number of yummy chocolate eggs and now Jimmy Choo is having a trainer hunt! They’ll be hidden in all sorts of fashionable places from the Saatchi Gallery to Shoreditch House – you’ll be given an update in realContinue reading

I met Lauretta Roberts while she was the editor of Drapers. She’s friendly, smart, knowledgeable and loads of fun, everything you expect a true fashionista to be! Since I met Lauretta she relaunched Drapers and now she’s doing the same at WGSN. It takes a person with tremendous vision and knowledge to create a successfulContinue reading

 Ice cream has always been my weakness and one of the things that every tourist should experience is the "99" – a Cadbury Flake bar in a soft ice cream cone. In 1930, Cadbury started producing a smaller version of the standard Flake bar especially for ice cream cones. No one is really sure whyContinue reading

"Heartbeats" is the first single from The Knife’s 2003 album Deep Cuts. Love the off-kilter vocals and the lyrics, they’re so unsettling and beautiful.

Fred Perry have collaborated on their "Blank Canvas” range with the iconic Liberty. The range includes four classic Fred Perry pieces using two of Liberty’s timeless prints; “Mark” (paisley) and “Edenham” (floral). For the more subtle look you can see glimpses of the Liberty’s print stylishly hidden inside collars and plackets. Love the “Edenham” poloContinue reading

Britney Spears released her unairbrushed photos alongside the final images for her Candies for Kohl’s campaign. No one can argue that Britney doesn’t look good in the before photo – she’s got a good body, a cute face and great hair. They even removed the hint of camel toe! We all have little imperfections (andContinue reading

Spotted Susie Bubble attending press days on Dover Street in London. Over the next few weeks fashion PRs host their press days. It’s often the only opportunity to see a designer’s entire collection up close. You might have attended a designer’s show or seen some of the looks on Vogue but it’s important to haveContinue reading

Who’s on the next cover for Fashion.Music.Style? Could it be Riley the dog? No, but she might end up in the shoot with a music artist! It’s always surprising how many dresses you need in order to find just the right look for a shoot. The more choice you have the better, but if it’sContinue reading

I love getting my nails done but it’s hard to find a good nail technician. Teresa Smith has been in the business for over 10 years – when she worked at Harrods she had a four week waiting list! She’s worked with numerous celebrities including Bella Freud, Florence Welch, Rihanna and Victoria Beckham, and she’sContinue reading