My Love of Luggage

I think most stylists have a deeper relationship with our than the average person experiences. Many people have a love for a pair of shoes or the perfect handbag but for me the relationship I have with my is an even more intimate one. I identify with my and I can’t do my job without it.

I want my cases packed beautifully and I want them to hold as many garments and accessories as possible. I want my cases to be discreet but easy to spot while on the airport turnstile. Many of the items in my cases are fragile so I need a case that will protect them. My luggage takes a beating – it’s used several times a week, it’s not always going far but it’s lugged up flights of stairs and is often slightly abused by the occasional taxi driver. Taxi drivers are never pleased to see stylists – we have too much luggage. They usually swear that this many cases will never fit into the people carrier and of course it always does.

I’m coveting Mulberry‘s Spring/Summer 2010 Scotch grain luggage collection. They have been specifically developed to withstand the rigors of international , and heavy duty local . Mulberry is known for hard wearing, scratch and water resistant luggage, but it’s the trim and the dark colours that I like. It has an old world feel to it.


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