Makeup Is Art – Cover Shoot

Makeup Is Art is a makeup booked that was published last year and launch during London Fashion Week, it was so successful that it’s being published worldwide. I worked with creative director and head makeup artist Lan Nguyen on the cover shoot.

On a beauty shoot it’s so important to have a good selection of jewellery and accessories. We had everything from a large selection of hats to an array of haberdashery. It’s part of the stylist’s job to inspire the makeup artist with the selection of clothes and all the accessories.

The team inspires each others and it’s really that syngering that make a great shoot. Even though we have tear sheets and a moodboard you can still find lots of inspiration on the day. It doesn’t necessarily take you away from your original ideas but it actually might just push your creativity further than you expected.

This is the present cover.

The new edition will launch at London Fashion Week September 2010 so it won’t be out for a while, but I’ll post some images when the book comes out.

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