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Of all the celebrity wedding pictures I’ve seen over the years there is only one that stands out. Remember Brad Pit and Jennifer Aniston’s wedding picture, the black and white one? I loved it – it wasn’t just because they were the most attractive couple ever (Team Jen!) – it was exquisite, it was pretty, sincere and authentic.

I’ve always thought of wedding photography as cheesy, the kind of job for failed photographers, a mere stones throw away from taking school pictures for a living but as picture editor I’ve really appreciate all forms of photography, and this one is no different! It might even be harder – there are no re-shoots.

I think choosing your wedding photographer is almost as important as choosing who you want to spend the rest of your life with. These pictures represent the day you’ve been excited for for weeks/months/years and you want a photographer to capture this. You need to trust that person to get the most out of your day you’ve spent lots and lots (and lots) of money on.

A couple of my friends got married last year, they both went with a photographer that was either a friend or a friend of a friend, which I think is the safest bet. In theory the photographer is a guest at your wedding, they have a place at the table and they watch you take the plunge to marital bliss so you have to like that person.

I know how I want my photographs to look, I want a mixture of black and white and colour. I don’t want ‘cheese,’ stiff smiles and awkward posing. No thanks. I want atmosphere and lots of it! I’d ask people to not bring their digital cameras, instead I’d put disposables on the table for guests to snap with. But then that’s just me. If people are doing shots at the bar I want it captured, if everyone’s dancing to the YMCA I want it captured. So if it’s your friends behind the lens or a fabulous photographer just remember it’s forever!

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