Kate Moss wears William Tempest for Sport Relief – shoot day

Kate Moss wearing a dress designed exclusively for Sport Relief. The dress is made partly from some blue recycled mosquito nets. The net comes in white, pink or blue – the nets look quite pretty, you can imagine them over a bed as if you were a princess, or outside at night for a party. It’s hard to believe that for £5 you could save a life with these nets – someone dies from malaria every 30 seconds.

This was an amazing shoot to style. I felt very lucky to be part of such talented team. Everyone donated their time, and everyone was really busy: the shoot took place a few weeks before fashion week! It’s important, though: fashion can be so powerful and really get a message out there. Sport Relief is one of the UK’s biggest fundraising events and since it’s launch in 2002 they’ve raised over £80 million.

The shoot was an easy but exciting day. Everything ran so smoothly. Kate’s team was really lovely (and fun) to work with: James Brown did her hair and Karina Constantine did the make up. The photographer was Tyrone Lebon. We had lot of lovely jewellery and Kate wore an elegant Stephen Webster Vortex Cuff in Yellow Gold with White Diamonds.

What can I say about Kate Moss? She’s so fun and personable, she was so easy to work with and she’s easily the best model I’ve ever seen in action. We hear the word supermodel every day and it starts to lose it’s meaning, but when you get to actually work with a model like Kate Moss you’re reminded of what the word supermodel really means.

William Tempest and Kate Moss!

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