Alice In Wonderland in 3D – Makeup Artist Valli O’Reilly

Jessica Bumpus (, Courtney Blackman (FBC) and me all wearing our 3D glasses at . I’ve been looking forward to this film for ages!

I really just wanted to see the makeup – which was amazing. Oscar winning makeup artist Valli O’Reilly was the head makeup artist for the flim. (She’s also Canadian.) Valli did a double major in art history and theatre and studied sculpture. She planned to be an artist and started out doing makeup for friends for New York TV commercials and fashion to earn extra money.

The makeup for Helena Bonham Carter took about two and half hours each day to transform her into the bulbous headed Red Queen. It’s important for the makeup to be more flawless than normal as they worked in High-Def and 3-D.

Makeup Forever eyeshadow in blue was used on the ‘eyes’ but when they first did the makeup tests O’Reilly used Yves Saint Laurent. O’Reilly first hand painted the lips and then created a stencil to be used to recreate the look for every day.

The White Queen’s lips are a dark plum that was brushed on with a very fine brush. The nails are a black-plum in Nars or Essie.

The Mad Hatter’s look is my favourite. Johnny Depp’s personal makeup artist, Patty York did his makeup.

The makeup notes indicate that the period that inspired the Mad Hatter’s wardrobe was also a period where a lot of people had different chemical poisoning (which also would have made them a bit disturbed), and that The Mad Hatter in this interpretation has mercury poisoning, so this influenced his whole look. One eye is lavenders and purples, and on the other is turquoise, light and dark blue with green. I like the white eyeliner with white eyelashes and the lower pink ones. It will be interesting to see how the makeup influences the spring and summer trends. I imagine we’ll be seeing more blue eye shadow!



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