Kathryn Prescott from Skins – her first Fashion Week!

I really loved the third season of so I was quite pleased when I met Kathyrn Prescott  –  I really like her character Emily Fitch – one of the twins. Kathryn attended her first London Fashion Week and was at ’s show, and below is a mini-interview with Kathryn about fashion!

Kathryn Prescott, with Vogue.com’s Jessica Bumpus (left), at William Tempest’s AW10 show. (photograph by Christopher Dadey)

This was your first London Fashion Week – did you enjoy it?
Yes I did, I’m not really into fashion as in what’s in or out at any one moment, but I love fashion as a form of art and expression and I think that’s what fashion week is all about.

Do you have any favourite London designers?
I love PPQ and Vivienne Westwood, and I saw William Tempest’s collection this fashion week for the first time and thought it was great – the cuts and structure of some of the dresses were amazing.

Do you have a favourite shop on the high street?
I do buy clothes from the high street but try to avoid it because everytime I do I see so many people wearing the same thing. The problem is that everyone knows where its from, how much it costs when you buy from the high street. I prefer buying things from vintage or charity shops because you will never see the same thing on someone else or end up looking like a clone.

What is your favourite piece of clothing?
My favourite thing in my wardrobe used to be a pair of mint green, t-bar heels which I bought from Peacocks about two years ago for about £12, but my dog ripped them apart just after fashion week, so the title has now passed to a velvet skirt I bought in Beyond Retro last year.

Have you become more fashion conscious since you’ve been on Skins?
No probably not – my style has changed, but more as a result of having more money to spend on clothes, than directly because of being in Skins.

Does your character, Emily Fitch influence the things that you wear? Are your styles very different?
I love the crazy style Emily has, but personally there’s not many of her clothes that I would wear as myself . I’m not really into clashing colours or anything too "pretty" like the bows she wore a lot in series three, although I liked the navy blue playsuit she wears in the last episode of this series so much that Ed the costume designer let me keep it!

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