One of the biggest concerns amongst fashion designers is funding. It’s not easy to be a new designer in any country, and often before one has access to funding you have to prove yourself – without funding, which is a bit of a Catch-22 situation. Once you get to a certain level, though, it’s alsoContinue reading

Independent charity Historic Royal Palaces is undertaking a £12 million major project to transform Kensington Palace by 2012. The Palace could have closed for this time, or they could have chosen to do something extraordinary. They chose to do something extraordinary. Last year I went to The Palace with William Tempest, to a meeting withContinue reading

I would like to be "in her shoes" – Daisy de Villeneuve is often spotted in fabulous Charlotte Olympia footwear and is always fashionable, with a certain sense of ease. Daisy’s latest solo exhibition “In Her Shoes” is at Liberty’s and it features 40 new works of art and also launches of Daisy’s own label DContinue reading

Everyone has bought underwear but how many have returned underwear that has been worn? The very thought is disgusting. A US investigation conducted by The Today Show tells us that it’s possible that we are buying underwear that’s been worn and returned directly to the shop floor. Fortunately in the UK many shops don’t allowContinue reading

Normally I don’t bother looking around when I’m on the tube, far too many miserable commuting faces to be honest. I like to keep my head down, read the latest Stylist or just daydream of being chauffeured around London. Yesterday was different; there I was just having a glance around at the suits and theContinue reading

After all the Lady Gaga stuff it’s nice to see something so minimalist.

I think most stylists have a deeper relationship with our luggage than the average person experiences. Many people have a love for a pair of shoes or the perfect handbag but for me the relationship I have with my luggage is an even more intimate one. I identify with my luggage and I can’t doContinue reading

Love this video Defragmentation of Beauty from 25 Magazine, Spring 2010. The whole concept of the "editorial" is changing. I love the fusion of the video, the print story with the illustration and the filming of the shoot day.

Makeup Is Art is a makeup booked that was published last year and launch during London Fashion Week, it was so successful that it’s being published worldwide. I worked with creative director and head makeup artist Lan Nguyen on the cover shoot. On a beauty shoot it’s so important to have a good selection ofContinue reading

This is not your average swimwear! Love the bold graphics, and these swimsuits by the Australian company We Are Handsome are actually handmade!

Dean Quinn is a new designer who recently graduated from Central Saint Martins. It’s difficult for any young designer to get started, and the expectations after one graduates from CSM are so high. Dean Quinn is one of the lucky ones, though: he won the Central Saint Martins Womenswear Designer of the Year Award inContinue reading

I don’t find the product placement of Lady Gaga’s Telephone video subtle at all. It runs smoothly and is well integrated but it’s not subtle. If I was a brand manager for any of these products I would be delighted, no matter how much we paid as the associations would be worth every penny. Branding usedContinue reading

I loved the hair and make up we that we did for Andrew Majtenyi show. It’s important to meet with the whole team and talk about the vision and what hair, makeup and styling can do for the collection – there are so many different direction that one can go. It’s just so important toContinue reading

Bleu Mae of Fleur de Lis was spotted wearing the William Tempest Fire Dress with a Rock ‘n’ Roll Angel Jackson fringe tote and Sergio Rossi Clyde Hi boots at London Fashion Week. Grazia snapped her as part of their "It’s the fashion front line -10 hot stories". If you want to stand in aContinue reading

Of all the celebrity wedding pictures I’ve seen over the years there is only one that stands out. Remember Brad Pit and Jennifer Aniston’s wedding picture, the black and white one? I loved it – it wasn’t just because they were the most attractive couple ever (Team Jen!) – it was exquisite, it was pretty,Continue reading

Jessica Bumpus (, Courtney Blackman (FBC) and me all wearing our 3D glasses at Alice in Wonderland. I’ve been looking forward to this film for ages! I really just wanted to see the makeup – which was amazing. Oscar winning makeup artist Valli O’Reilly was the head makeup artist for the flim. (She’s also Canadian.)Continue reading

Yes, the bum bag or fanny pack is back (it made huge headlines in the 1980’s to mid -1990’s). It’s main attraction is that they are hands-free! Many of us fear the bum bag. It used to be only the geeky tourist or hikers who would wear them but now they’ve really become a festivalContinue reading

Caroline? Caroline who? I may hear you ask. Why she is my newest girl of the moment. We all know I’m a huge fan of Olivia Palermo but well, she hasn’t been seen since her London Fashion Week trip and well I need a new Girl Crush to take her place while she’s MIA. WhenContinue reading