Prophetik backstage at London Fashion Week

Backstage isn’t as crazy as people always think it is. Sometimes it’s quite calm and fun, and was like this so I found styling their show to be a pleasure. The whole week was like this. The team had all come from Franklin, Tennessee at the beginning of the week. We had casting, fittings, rehearsal and even a sound check for the band.

This was Prophetik’s first London Fashion Week show. Even though they’d done lots of shows before, every show is new and exciting and this was no exception. We were opening Vauxhall Fashion Scout, and so naturally we had a band, a horse and a violinist!

Lot of steaming to been done with my lovely assistants and tons of make up from Benefit!

We had 16 models for the show, 6 boys and 10 girls!

Lots of cool people including Phil Collen of Man Raze (second from the left), designer Jeff Garner (in the middle) and .

After the show backstage was buzzing with Hilary Alexander interviewing Jeff and his team.

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