Interview with Emmy Award Makeup Artist Melanie Mills

Melanie Mills is the Emmy Award (the TV equivalent to the Oscars) winning makeup artist and creative head makeup artist for #1 USA TV show Dancing with the Stars.

Where are you originally from?
MM-I was born and raised in 1000 Oaks California… Spent alot of time in Hermosa with my grandma’s

Did you always want to be a makeup artist?
MM-No I did not always want to be a makeup artist, but I always loved makeup and watching my grandma’s and aunt’s paint their faces

How long have you been a makeup artist and where did you train?
MM- I took a 6 week course at sunset and Gower Makeup Academy… However, before this I was visiting friends in Milan and came across a makeup academy and applied… Once accepted my grandma informed she wouldn’t help fund this… Later in the USA I was complaining to my hair lady about the bummer of not being able to go. It had sparked something….. She happened to have a roommate that was a makeup artist and within a week she had me interning with luck on a film. So I really learned on set from other makeup artists..

How many hours do you get to prep the dancers and celebrities for an episode of Dancing with the Stars?
MM-Dancers and celebs have 4-5 hours in hair, body and makeup throuhout the day. I prep and think about the looks all week.

How do you come up with the ideas for the dancers/celebrity makeup looks for the show?
MM-The wardrobe is where I first draw my inspiration I need to battle the glitz of of the costumes.. The type of dance and the music also can lead the direction.. A recent movie or pics from a mag could inspire… Really anything goes….The producers really give me alot of creative freedom and like what ends up on the screen…

What type of products do you use for the show? What are some of your favourite makeup products to use?

MM-We use everything under the sun. But fav’s are St. Tropez.. The spray color is our exclusive color… We also use alot of St. Tropez’s bronzing mousse and perfect legs. We use alot of MAC, Makeup Forever, Laura Mercier, Kevin Aucoin, Bobby Brown, Dior, Armani, Ardell Lashes, Julie Hewitt, Stila, Kryolyn, Skin Illustrator and Smashbox
My fave fave’s are Dior foundation, Laura Mercier secret camoflauge, Armani foundations, Vincent Kehoe pallettes, the Z Palette to hold it all, Mac’s fluidlines and pigments, duo glue, ardell lashes #117,114 and whispies – and makeup forever’s diamont powder and glitters….

What have been some of your favourite celebrites to work on?
MM- Natalie couglin, Shawn Johnson, Toni Braxton, Lil Kim, Heather Mills McCartney, Marli Matlin, Shandi Finnissy, Tia Carrere, Edyta Slivinska, Karina Smirnoff, Sabrina Brian, Joanna Kruppa, Derek Hough, Seal, Jason Taylor, Susan Lucci, Albert Reed, Anna Trabunskia, Blue Cantrell, Stacy Dash, Antoinio Sabato Jr, Warren Sapp, Kym Johnson

What would you classify or define as a Melanie Mills style of makeup? What would you say is your personal makeup signature or technique?
MM- I guess my style is colorful glittery glamour. My signature is…. Big lashy eyes

Are there any new exciting shows or projects that you are working on or lined up for you in the near future?
MM- Other than dancing, I am working on a book

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