The Bliss Facial

Anyone familiar with the W Hotel chain will know that their motto is "your wish is our command" and there could never have been a more true wish then to hope for a fabulous LA branch of the Bliss Spa. Bliss spas are little oasis’s of pure indulgent decadence. Plus at this LA Bliss Spa they have super friendly warm California smiles oozing out of every staff member which made me feel extra super special.

I have always been a massive advocate for their triple oxygen treatment for years. When I used to do wedding makeup it was the number one treatment that I recommended for Brides pre-day, as the results for glowing skin are astounding. But, since I’ve just stepped off a plane from NYC and my skin was look dehydrated and dull I decided to go for "The Youth As We Know It‘ facial. My adorable esthetician Christina started this one hour treatment with a cleansing and massage and then she exfoliated my dead skin using a mushroom based enzyme peel which she described may feel a little "spicy". Next a cell-regenerating moisturiser was applied to my face and neck area. Then a soothing collagen mask. I was stunned how this last mask smoothed away my fine lines. In between each product application, a different area of my body was massaged into pure jelly like status to help boost over all circulation. Also what I love about Bliss treatments is that they apply hot towels to open pores rather than stick some horrible steam machine on your face like other facials do. I find steam machines tend to hit one area and then leak a drip of burning hot water onto the forehead. When I left my skin was plumped, dark circles were gone and my acne around my chin was eradicated. My skin has been left so youthful and even-toned that I haven’t needed to wear foundation.

I am in LA  to do makeup on two models for the Golden Globes. The models need to be on par with every A-lister in town to get noticed and it’s my job that they do so. I feel for any big event if you really want to be a step ahead you need a little preparation. Most celebrities in this town will have been detoxed, massaged, manicured, sweated and coiffed every inch before even considering sitting in a makeup chair. The Youth As We Know It treatment is definitely my new number one choice for any pre-red carpet prep. I’ve phoned my clients and told them to book in asap before the event. It will give them flawless results and will make my makeup application a breeze to apply.

For those of you who maybe visiting the LA area this is a definite destination spot for anyone in need of some beauty treatment TLC. They even serve you the most delicious brownies and teas in the lounge area too. They just opened a brand new location in Hollywood!

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