The Winter Coat – Isabella Oliver

I have a obsession with winter . I like to blame it on my Canadian upbringing. are an essential part of one’s winter wardrobe – it almost doesn’t matter what you’re wearing under your coat as long as your coat looks great. We spend a lot of time thinking about our wardrobe but often we forget about the coat even though we wear a coat every day in the winter. A coat can say a lot about us. I like a coat that’s not too long, that’s warm (usually a wool cashmere blend) with good pockets and a simple cut. This allows me to get a lot of wear out of my coat and since I’m wearing it every day I want to like it and not get tired of it.

I received from Isabella Oliver which was beautifully boxed with and wrapped in tissue paper. I wanted to pick my coat online, just to see how well I could choose a coat for myself on their website. I do like shopping online but sometimes I’m never really sure how something will look, but their website has video as well, which really allows you to see how the garment moves – which is what made me really want the coat!

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