Designer Interview – Carolyn Massey

I never really loved until I moved to London, and then of course I fell in love with it. The men just seem to have more style and more attitude in London.

So it only seems natural that there is a group of up and coming talented menswear designers in the UK and Carolyn Massey is one of them! Currently in her 8th season, she started her own label in 2006 after doing an MA in fashion at the Royal College of Art. She has also created a diffusion collection for Topman. Her collections can be bought in London, Marseille, Tokyo and New York.

This will be the third season of London Fashion Week to include a menswear day – is London menswear on the rise?
CM – London Menswear is definitely on the rise, and I feel lucky to be part of it.

What is the most important garment or outfit in a man’s wardrobe?
CM – A good jacket. You can’t scrimp on a good tailored jacket, apart from this, good shoes.

How important has the New Gen Men award been for you? Would you still have been able to do a show?
CM – New Gen Men has been amazing in terms of exposure, and also as we are on par with womenswear now with the award. The support has allowed me to think strategically about my label and plan where and what to do next, and the sponsorship is invaluable. I certainly wouldn’t have been able to show without it.

Will you also exhibit in Paris?
CM – I have always done a showroom in Paris during mens. Due to the mens schedule, its imperative to.

What is the inspiration for your AW2010 collection?
CM – All to be revealed… in February 2010.

Do you ever wear your menswear?
CM – Yes! All the time, and I have a strong customer base of girls that do…

Do you have a favourite fashion film?
CM – Mannequin!! All time favourite. Genius. I actually think this was one of the reasons I initially wanted to work in fashion.

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  1. Make Do Style
    December 29, 2009 at 12:12

    I always forget to really research menswear but always use it for inspiration and Carolyn’s work is a joy.

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