The Year of the Headband!

It’s offical! I’m addicted to headbands. I just can’t help it, every shop I go in I immediately head to the head-gear searching for my ultimate quick fix.

Shopping in Topshop at the weekend I shrieked with joy as I discovered a pair of Louis Vuitton style bunny ears and, I’ll be honest with you here, for a fleeting second I had my store card at the ready. But then, well what can I say? Common sense kicked in and I put them down.

I’m not exactly sure where my love for headbands derived from; I blame my magpie esque tendencies and love of all things sparkly and I think Blair from has a lot to answer for too. Now I’m not talking any old boring headbands here, no plain jane alice bands for me; mine are big, boisterous and ostentatious. I like bling, I like jewels and the bigger headache they give me, the happier I am.

My most recent headband purchase is from River Island and it’s covered in feathers, diamonds and jewels. Another favourite in my headband collection is covered in hard metal studs, another is cream and embellished with jumbo mirrored jewels. I now have about 15 headbands and I just keep wanting more. I need help.

I’ve decided this shall be my signature look. I once met a lady who wore purple every day of the week. Head to toe she was covered in her favourite colour and even her hair had a hint of plum. Whilst I shan’t go crazy I will, from this day forward be known as ‘the girl in the fabulous headband’.

I’m deliberating whether I have the confidence to sport the A-list headband of choice – the bunny ears. First seen at Louis Vuitton (or Minnie Mouse I guess), they looked amazing on the models, on the Olsen twins and even Cheryl Cole rocked the look. But a mere mortal like me? Hmmm the jury is out on this one…


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  1. The Style PA
    December 21, 2009 at 10:10

    I’ve been wearing more headbands actually. More because I got a fringe and they look really good with that hairstyle. Check out my latest velvet bow one…

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