Drapers Fashion Summit – The Power of the Style Press

I was part of a panel at the Fashion Summit – The Power of the Style Press, with  Colin McDowell, Founder & Creative Director of Fashion Fringe, Leon Bailey-Green, online marketing specialist, Courtney Blackman, fashion PR and Lucy Wood of Look magazine and Loretta Roberts (who organizes the Summit) was chairing the panel.

It’s always interesting when people start talking about print versus online media. Somehow people think one will rule out the other. It’s the same fear that retailers and manufactures first had ten years ago about selling online. There were afraid it would ruin their brick and mortar shops, not enhance it. They didn’t realize they could becoming something we take for granted today – multi-channel retailers. The same goes for online magazines. Most print magazines have an online component that attracts a different readership and allows their advertisers a package deal of print and online. As a fashion stylist both print work and online work are very important to me work-wise, and of course as a stylist who blogs I love online media. I can’t imagine one without the other!

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2 comments on “Drapers Fashion Summit – The Power of the Style Press

  1. Make Do Style
    November 30, 2009 at 22:22

    Print and on-line can exist and add value for each other. We have to remember that most people are still print buyers and on-line is growing but it isn’t a threat.

  2. Childrensalon
    December 1, 2009 at 12:12

    We were established in 1952 but have been online since 1999 and it has opened up a whole new world of opportunities and allowed us to grow as a business and connect with our customers in new ways.

    We think it’s hugely important to embrace the world that our customers are living in today.

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