Holidays are comin…

Holidays are comin…

Eek! Christmas is just around the corner. The coke adverts are on the TV, the central heating is going on and the umbrellas are going up. I don’t know about you but I’m getting excited, crack open the Baileys cuz I’m starting to feel the festive cheer.

I love everything about Christmas, I love the twinkly lights, the cheesy music, the fashion (of course); this year there are lashings of leather, lovely lace and an endless supply of embellishment, I’m one happy shopper. Then we have the Christmas parties; work colleagues and booze – never a good combination let’s agree, but hey any excuse for a pretty frock and a free bar.

But my favourite thing about Christmas? Presents. Ah I bet you thought I was going to say something wise, sincere and profound but ‘fraid not – I’m as shallow as a puddle.

Here is my dream Christmas list:
1. A pair of Christian Louboutin’s, hardly original I know but life would be oh so much sweeter if I had a pair of red soles to call my own. I don’t want a fancy pair with huge bows and crystals, I’m opting for the high-shine black jazz Décolleté pumps, and I’d wear these with everything from mini dresses to tailoring. The heel is only about 4 inches so at least I’ll be able to walk in them. £375 from

2. The Mulberry for Apple Melanie zip folio, ahhhh it’s neon pink and it’s beautiful. I want it and I want it now. £250 from Mulberrry.

3. I best ask for an Apple Mac while I’m at it, the white one please. £799 from

4. I’m not usually a delicate necklace type of girl, I like my chunky statement jewellery but as soon as I saw Blair Wardorf wearing the Tiffany’s diamond key necklace I wanted one. There are lots of different style but the one I want is £1,750. Blair Wardorf prices of course. Purchase from Tiffany & Co.

5. World Peace of course (I’m not that shallow)


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