What’s a Girl to do?

Graduate unemployment set to double to 40,000 amid struggle to find work in recession

Graduate unemployment ‘soars in the recession’

Graduate unemployment hits all time high.

These are just a few of the newspaper headlines regarding Graduate unemployment at the moment.

As a new Fashion Graduate I must admit I am finding it particularly hard to find a job. This is leaving me in a bit of a predicament as to whether to get some unpaid work experience for the next 6 to 12 months or to keep searching for a paid position.

It’s so hard when you’re starting out in the fashion industry. Most work is unpaid and I have been told that most people these days land a paid job from their internship. With this as an incentive I may just have do some more work experience.

After concentrating on looking for something that is full time and paid for the last couple of months, it now seems quite scary looking for an unpaid internship.

I have begun by applying for work experience at many fashion magazines as this is where I would ultimately love to work! Last week I had an interview for an internship at a fashion and events PR company and I also had another interview at a fashion magazine so fingers crossed that something comes of this! With a few other interviews in store this week, my confidence is starting to increase and I am finally feeling really positive about everything!

My advice for anyone in the same position as I am in at the moment is to not give up and do your best to stay motivated – I know it is easier said than done but I believe that something will eventually turn up!

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  1. leanne
    November 10, 2009 at 14:14

    I agree, it’s so tough!!! I’ve worked for free in the past and it seems so unfair. Working unpaid in London is a joke but sometimes it pays off in the long term. Here’s to winning the lottery!!! x

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