Eye cream!

I’ve always been a little sceptical about eye creams. I find they promise you all the hope in the world -" no more puffiness, wrinkles be gone & say good bye to dark circles" but only leave you disappointed. You just get left with a bathroom full of half used jars and tubes of product you’ll never use again. I’ve tried so many over the years.

Some gave an ok pay off before I was able to add concealer on top to mask unwanted eye bags but it was only a short term solution. I wanted to find if there really are any miracle type products that can help. I made it my mission to find a good eye cream or gel and I couldn’t believe it-I found two.

The first was Rodial Glamtox Eye Light. I first was introduced to this product when Rodial kindly gave me some skin care to use backstage at Jasper Garvida‘s show at On/Off, It’s very light weight and worked great under the models makeup. This product is perfect if you tend to get bags. I find its better to use a light weight gel than heavy creams on a puffy area. Best of all, it helped keep dark circles at bay. After a few weeks of using it I noticed a HUGE difference. If a product can help dark circles during London Fashion week – I’m sold!!

The second product is Dr. Kadir– Exclusive Organic Eye Cream. This is a super product if you’re worrying about fine lines and amazing if your skin is on the dryer side. I tend to use this product at night- pat gently around the eye area. I have found after a few week of using this cream the fine lines around my eye area look smoother and the skin does look plumper and feels amazing. Supposedly Madonna’s a big fan of Dr Kadir’s products.

The only downside to these two choices is that they are a little bit more on the pricey side but these products are worth the splurge!



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2 comments on “Eye cream!

  1. Pauline Paulson
    December 18, 2009 at 19:19

    I have been using the Vitamin Enhanced Moisturizer (from Made from Earth) and after one month of daily use, here is my verdict: This stuff works. It’s not magic, it’s not a miracle, it doesn’t transform every wrinkle and age spot. But it makes your skin look BETTER than before, which is all we can really hope for, isn’t it?

    I’ve noticed a somewhat dramatic change in the fine lines around my eyes (no, I don’t use a separate eye cream). They are smoother and much less noticeable. The few age spots I’ve developed seem to be lighter. Overall, looking at my face in the mirror now, I sometimes have to do a double-take because my skin looks so much better and brighter. The permanent dark circles under my eyes are even lighter.

    I have acne prone skin and I was nervous about using a new moisturizer, but quickly found that my skin actually CLEARED UP while using this product. Likely, it was due to my regimented focus on skin care in general, but this did NOT contribute to any breakouts at all. Highly recommend the Made from Earth line if you are looking for solutions.

  2. rachel wood
    December 18, 2009 at 21:21

    thank you for the recommendation- I may check that brand out

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